The plight of Paul and Zabeth Bayne.

I wanted to share with the readers of DefCon a sad story concerning a Christian family in Canada. This was brought to my attention by a faithful reader of DefCon, Paul Bayne, and this is his story.

A Surrey family that had their three children seized by the government of British Columbia in October of 2007 is still desperately trying to get them back more than 26 months later. Their children were taken by the province after Child Services believed that the parents had shaken their then two-month-old baby girl, Bethany, even though those allegations now seem to be false, and government workers even advised their boys be returned as early as November of 2007.

The children have been in foster care ever since. The two boys who are aged five and four, respectively, and Bethany, now two, were taken by the Ministry of Child and Family Development when Paul and Zabeth Bayne were suspected of shaking their baby girl causing a head injury. The accusation is commonly known as “Shaken Baby Syndrome.” The Bayne’s insisted the injury occurred when their younger son tripped and fell on their daughter, but those pleas fell on deaf ears.

But the case has been fraught with concern about the power that government authorities have to seize children from their parents on slim evidence, and the lengthy time it has taken to restore the children to their parents again. Worse yet, evidence has surfaced which indicates the province had numerous opportunities to return their children, but for some reason did not. (Source:

The lawyer representing the children’s ministry had suggested the return of the two older boys to the parents because there was no evidence of harm done on the boys, according to documents obtained by CBC News on Friday.

Government lawyer Finn Jensen believed the case for holding the two boys would not hold up in court, and John Fitzsimmons, a community services manager, was aware of the lawyer’s position, according to a ministry correspondence dated July 14, 2008.

“[A] medical report of November 2007, completed shortly after the two older children came into care, indicates that there was no evidence of harm of injury to the children,” the correspondence said.

“No new evidence has come to light, which would indicate a risk to these children,” it said.

Jensen’s opinion on the case was that “the director should consider a return of the two children to the parents.”

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The couple consulted more than a dozen experts in Canada and the U.S. — including pediatricians and pathologists — who all concluded there was no evidence of inflicted injury, abuse and injury from shaking on the girl.
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The Baynes have posted ten experts reports on their website which confirm that no abuse occured and the history of their son falling on their baby was consistent with the injuries seen. Some of the experts involved include the chief neuroradiologist from Stanford University Dr. Patrick Barnes, child forensic expert Dr. John Plunkett, biomechanics, Dr. Chris Van Ee and Dr. Kenneth Monson. You can view these reports online here:

In May of 2008 the Baynes attended a mediation in which the Ministry of Child and Family Development returned their two oldest children to them. Unfortunately prior to the mediation Global TV had interviewed them and following mediation aired their story. You can view this interview here: In response to this the Ministry canceled their agreement with the Baynes.

The Surrey couple, Paul and Zabeth Bayne, also obtained internal documents from the Ministry of Children and Family Development that suggest their daughter likely suffers glutaric aciduria, a rare disease often mistaken for child abuse.

Glutaric aciduria is a genetic disorder with varied symptoms, sometimes including bleeding and swelling of the brain.

Several doctors told CBC News on Thursday that the disorder has been mistaken for child abuse in other cases, and children suffering from it can die.

The Baynes, who hadn’t heard of the condition until they obtained the ministry documents, said they want their daughter assessed and treated immediately:

Surrey councillor Marvin Hunt is personally stepping into the fight of a former Hope couple to regain custody of their children seized more than two years ago by the B.C. Children’s Ministry.

And Hunt is not alone among the doctors, social workers and others imploring the ministry to follow its own rules and return the three children.

Hunt said he will join a demonstration Thursday outside Premier Gordon Campbell’s office in support of Paul and Zabeth Baynes.

“I find it beyond belief that these kids are still within the care of the ministry,” Hunt told The Progress last Wednesday.

Hunt said as a politician he always looks for the missing pieces in government policies that create such problems, but in this case “all of the pieces of legislation are in place.”

“But what we have … is an absolute abuse of the system here,” he said. “There is no point in time where the system has lawfully worked through the paper process on behalf of these people.”

Hunt said he does know the remedy, but questioned whether some in the ministry “should be in this type of work.”

Retired social worker Ray Ferris said the ministry is “blatantly breaking” the province’s child welfare legislation, and showing “a complete lack of ethics” in its dealings with the Hope couple:

“They’ve gone so far, they’ll get egg on their face if they back-track now,” he said.

Dr. Peter Stephens, one of eight doctors prepared to testify on the Baynes’s behalf, said shaken-baby cases are driven by politicians who don’t want to appear “soft” on crime, and by social workers who rely on the opinion of doctors unaware of chronic subdural hematoma.

“People like the Baynes are collateral damage in the war on child abuse,” he told The Progress in a telephone interview from his North Carolina home.

He said the baby girl’s head injuries were not caused by being shaken, but by the lack of oxygen to her brain caused by a chronic subdural hematoma:

The Baynes have been assisted by an organisation called The Canadian Alliance For Social Justice And Family Values Association:

Their director, Mr. K-John Cheung states that their mandate is the fostering and safe guarding of social rights and justice and the protection of traditional family values as well as preserving parental right.

You can also find their editorial on the family here:

They have assisted the Baynes in organising peaceful protests outside Premier Gordon Campbell’s office. There have been eight protests in all to date;

Currently the Surrey B.C. couple accused of shaking their baby girl are taking their case to court to try to prove she has a medical disorder, in an attempt regain custody of their three children.

Outside court on Wednesday, Christie, the parents’ lawyer said many parents often lack the resources to fight allegations of abuse.

“[It is] very difficult emotionally for parents who are innocent — and there are some — and that’s what this case is about. All the power it seems to me is on the side of [the] state in these cases,” said Christie.

“Many experts and many doctors make their entire living working for government authorities and the case of Dr. Charles Smith in Ontario has demonstrated how dangerous that can be,” he said, referring to the case of a doctor who was found to have falsely testified in a large number of court cases.

“People were put in jail for accusations of shaken baby syndrome and those people have served time for crimes they did not commit. That’s why this becomes a very serious matter when you make allegations of this kind and base it entirely on opinion evidence,” said Christie.

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The Baynes have brought in “Big Gun” Dr. John Plunkett to testify so far at the court hearing. Plunkett told the Voice that he was “there testifying at the request of the Baynes,” however, had nothing to say about the case prior to his testimony in court.

In an effort to raise the needed funds for their lawyer as well as for the necessary testimony from the experts who must be flown in the Baynes and their supporters had organized a fund-raising concert: For Love and For Justice:

This was also covered in the Gospel Herald:

Their case has also drawn the attention of journalist Christina England who wrote an article on this family published in the American Chronicle:

The Baynes hearing since that time is currently adjourned. It appears that the courts and the Prosecution for the Social Services have not responded to requests for continuance and resolution of this matter.

Dr. Ron Unruh who officiated the Baynes wedding ceremony and at one time was their pastor has taken up support of the Baynes. He provides continuous updates on this family and is providing spiritual and emotional support for them during this time. He has currently written 166 articles which outline the events of this tragedy in their lives. You can follow his blogs here:

The Baynes believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and have sought to submit their lives to His Will and direction. They acknowledge that it has been through His strength and grace that they have stood strong in this battle for their children which whom the Lord has blessed them with. It is their prayer that if it be God’s Will that He will see them through to the return of their dear children. In the interim it is their request that all those in Christ join them in prayer for the safety and well being of their children and the conclusion of this long trial that they are currently walking through.

13 thoughts on “The plight of Paul and Zabeth Bayne.

  1. This is beyond tragic and heartbreaking. The Baynes have been in my prayers for the many areas needed: emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially.


  2. Yes as Peter was in chains in prison and as those who prayed for his release even so should we be praying for these brothers and sisters for their release….Pray to our Lord.


  3. Dear Paul & Zabeth,

    We cannot even imagine the depth of pain and suffering you have been going through in this trying ordeal. Don’t lose faith. Know you are being prayed for.

    Paul & Kim


  4. I will also be praying more for all of the poor Christian and other families going through this horrible abuse of government power. It is very wide spread, and I have read that many of the children’s vacinations are producing all types of problems for children that are being blamed on the parents. These vacinations can usually be waived with the proper form, but are being promoted as a legal requirement; and parents and adults need to study vacination inserts carefully before accepting them. Many have been found to contain mercury and other very harmful substances.

    I will not go into the full depth of the problem, but it is severe; and definately the kind of thing I believe the Chruch and Pastor should be fighting “with the gloves off”. Anyone wanting more information about the true depth of this problem and those who have fought it, may want to search the archives of Alex Jones (a Christian & radio host in Austin, TX) and to see what resources he has found opposing the Child Protective Services taking children for illegitimate reasons.

    Children and adults are also being kidnapped by government contractors. It is a sign of our criminal and corrupt times, and important to defend your children. GOD be with you.


  5. “The Baynes believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and have sought to submit their lives to His Will and direction. They acknowledge that it has been through His strength and grace that they have stood strong in this battle for their children which whom the Lord has blessed them with. It is their prayer that if it be God’s Will that He will see them through to the return of their dear children.”

    This is God-given faith. What an amazing testimony for all of us to look to if God should call any of us to endure such trials.


  6. Paul and Zabeth are in my prayers as well, however, along with prayers we need to do more. We need a non-violent revolution, a revolution of values, revolutions of ideas, so that Canada can be the country it was meant to be. This crisis has been going for decades now. The government know what is going on, they are funding the Child Protective Services, therefore the government is responsible for the Children’s Aid. They have turned the Children’s Aid into a private industry and as a result, spend more of their time in other areas. They have sold out our precious children who should be more important than the Lottery and Gaming Commission. When the government stop working for you “the citizen” we no longer have a country. However, we the people have the strongest weapon against the government and Children’s Aid. The strongest weapon the country has is “THE ABILITY OF YOU, THE PEOPLE” to stand up and speak out about the injustices you see. We are citizen of this country, not the Children’s Aid. Our children do not belong to the government and Children’s Aid. This crisis is robbing the children from their childhood. It should not hurt to be a child. Each and every one of us should move out of our comfort zone and take action. As a larger group, we can stand together and help change this. there are many courageous people who are trying to make a difference. Let start by saying “NO” to a world in which obession with profit make people turn a blind eye on suffering. Given the depressing catalogue of human rights abuses in Children’s Aid I believe it is time to “abolish the Children’s Aid” They have become a deception, and do tremendous harm to society. These people, public officials, to ministers and governments must explain and answer on what they have done. Their incompetent regime leaves most of the country to fend for itself. This need to stop. There is nothing that can’t be done, if we raise our voice as one. United, yes we can! God bless the family!


  7. They have years of history taking innocent children away from innocent parents based on a “scientific theory” that is really not a theory at all. It is unproven because I don’t think it ever existed. Let’s take all the facts from every SBS case out there and look at the common denominator.

    People abuse their children and we should protect them and when there is no need to protect them….THEN RETURN THEM!


  8. The Bayne case should never have been viewed as an intervention issue. This is an example of a family whose child – with a medical condition – has fallen victim to misnomer. There should be no over-lap involved! BC must follow precedent-setting legislation that has evolved to better define and establish the rights of individuals with disability and medical conditions to avert the type of malfunction that arises when confusing child protective services with medical care.

    In the neighbouring Province of Alberta, Canada, the life and circumstances surrounding Samantha Lauren Martin, a child with a rare chromosome disorder, *Tetrasomy 18p, led her mother, Velvet Martin, to challenge archaic laws inhibiting the rights of persons with disability & their families. Persistence resulted in the establishment of:

    “Samantha’s Law”

    Amendment to the Alberta FSCD (Family Support for Children with Disabilities) Act, became effective December 2006:

    Section 2-3, Manual Amendments: Policy and Procedures in Family Centred Supports and Services:

    “The Family Support for Children with Disabilities Program to have separate legislation from that of child protection services.”

    In Celebration of the Importance of Life & Loving Memory of:

    Samantha Lauren Martin, June 4, 1993 – December 3, 2006.


  9. As well as action and prayer, we also need to fast for this situation.

    No doubt, some have. This is just a reminder.

    God bless.


  10. Hi All,

    We ask you for your prayers now, the trial is now over and we await the Judge’s decision. He said he will take 8 to 12 weeks but will complete his findings sooner if possible. We have had more restrictions placed on us now and we are not allowed to take our children to the washroom, only the supervisor can. They have done everything outside of physically harming us, the parents to break us, to torture us and by God’s grace, by God’s grace…Please pray that we have our children restored to us lock, stock and barrel, no strings attached. I want these ministry workers out of our lives for good. All we want to do is to be parents again. Thank you everyone for your support and love.

    To follow our story, click this link. You go back and read previous stories and catch up if you choose…


  11. Thank you my friend…the looks in my children’s eyes when they ask, “Can we come home now?”. And then the disappointment when we have to say, “No…not right now.” How much longer before they just make it up in their minds that Mommy and Daddy are lying? All I can do is submit to God and know that He has a bigger picture and if I have to lose them in the end because of this big picture, then may God’s will reign.


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