Sermon of the week: “Saving Faith: Genuine or False?” by Steven Cole.

Your sermon of the week is Saving Faith: Genuine or False? by Steven Cole of Flagstaff Christian Fellowship ( This is a great exposition on the erroneously ‘supposed conflict’ between James and Paul on the matter of justification.

2 thoughts on “Sermon of the week: “Saving Faith: Genuine or False?” by Steven Cole.

  1. There definitely is a problem here.

    Matthew 7 tells us that believing that you are DOING this and that in Jesus’ name doesn’t necessarily mean that HE KNOWS YOU.

    How do you know that you are doing enough? How do you know that you are doing these ‘good deeds’ with the proper motive?

    This sort of theology places the onus back on you (once again).

    There is such a thing as false faith.

    Relying on ‘what you do’ is a big problem.

    I do believe that’s why the Lord commanded Baptism and Holy Communion.

    That we might rely on a work that He has done (The Lord does the work in Baptism and the Supper).

    The Sacraments are His gift to us.

    Let’s not confuse the direction of the Sacraments, as do the R. Catholics in the Lord’s Supper. They are from Him…to us. Free gift…pure gospel.

    Then we can have faith in God…and not faith in faith..which ultimately falls back onto what we are doing, feeling, believeing.

    True faith falls back onto what God has done (is doing) for us.


  2. im aways defending my convitions.and this is with people.who are soposed to be my brother wants to help a fund raiser for nami. well one of the suporters are united way.they suport abortion in some states and i will not donate and they say im a hipocrital closed minded christian want to be.and i dont care about the mentaly chalannged.and this is wrong on my soposed to be loving.


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