Quotes (727)

Making a day’s excursion from Botzen, in the Tyrol [Swiss Alps], we went along the very narrowest of roads, mere alleys…Well, you may be sure that we did not engage an ordinary broad carriage, for that would have found the passage as difficult as the needle’s eye is to the camel; but our landlord had a very narrow [carriage] for us—just the thing for threading those [four-foot wide] passages.

Now, I must make you hear the moral of it, you fretful little gentlemen. When you have a small estate, you must have small wants, and by contentment suit your carriage to your road. ‘Not so easy,’ say you? ‘Very necessary to a Christian,’ say I.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

1834 – 1892

2 thoughts on “Quotes (727)

  1. Not only does seemingly everything this man said come off brilliantly in light of scripture, but when you call your audience “you fretful little gentlemen” you gain bonus points.


  2. As is normal, Spurgeon puts things very well. I’ve wondered for years how blood-bought children of God cold waste money on fancy cars and houses, etc. I do not get it.


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