Sermon of the week: “Jonah” by Randall Easter.

Your sermon of the week is simply entitled Jonah. I listened to this sermon after posting my short piece on Jonah (found here) and wish I had listened to it earlier.

This is yet another powerful hour of preaching from Randall Easter. He pulls no punches as he steps on toes while preaching the gospel that is so desperately lacking in far too many churches.

HT: The Bororean

4 thoughts on “Sermon of the week: “Jonah” by Randall Easter.

  1. This is one of the greatest sermons I have ever heard.

    There is only one other sermon I have listened to more than Easter’s “Jonah” and that one is Piper’s “Regeneration Undiminished”.


  2. Several years, a dear brother introduced me to a long-term friend of his – Randall Easter 🙂 I’ve heard Randall preach a few times, spent several days in Oklahoma and Arkansas on a motorcycle trip with Randall. He is a sweet, humble, God fearin’ man who loves his wife and the Church.

    Herein, brother Randall continues to preach the Scripture, for the glory of God – which includes the repentance and obedience of His elect and adopted children.

    I thank God for faithful men who do not shrink back from preaching the Truth of God’s Word.


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