Quotes (725)

Surely that man must be in an unhealthy state of soul who can think of all that Jesus suffered, and yet cling to those sins for which that suffering was undergone. It was sin that wove the crown of thorns; it was sin that pierced our Lord’s hands, and feet, and side; it was sin that brought Him to Gethsemane and Calvary, to the cross, and to the grave. Cold must our hearts be if we do not hate sin and labor to get rid of it, though we may have to cut off the right hand and pluck out the right eye in doing it.

– J. C. Ryle

1816 – 1900

8 thoughts on “Quotes (725)

  1. Not fair! The sermon this past Sunday (Romans 2: 6-16) nailed me on this. Now you guys! What’s a guy to do – repent?

    Praise God for His mercies! Let us turn TO the Lord and let our sin decay in neglect, as an uninhabited house falls under the weight of its neglect.


  2. YES!! Praise God for his GREAT mercies, to show a sinner their sin! Great quote! Lord Jesus Christ, please grant us repentance.


  3. How glorious is our Lord and Saviour the Christ, Jesus! How He suffered, how He died, how He was punished…for us! Does He not deserve reward for His suffering? Does He not deserve us turning off the TV, putting those raunchy magazines in the trash, does He not deserve to have our so-called precious time??? Oh how He must weep for those whom He died for. They look at the cross, nod religiously and turn away to their delicacies…dear Jesus forgive us and have mercy on us for our foolishness and idolatry.


  4. i could not but cry in repentance for all those years i was disobedient to Him, fooling myself i was a christian. oh, how my Lord suffered! and i mistreated Him by not realising the extent of this precious sacrifice. oh, how He taught me to hate sin… the very pride of its abhorrent self is an abomination. praise the Lord for what He has done! oh, Lord, you are WORTHY!!!


  5. The worst part about it all is we seem to find ourselves acting selfish, acting proud and arrogant, feeling big when someone compliments us…the list goes on. I can so very much agree with Paul and say, Oh this wretched man…!


  6. Tis a shame indeed that our vile flesh still enjoys a little wallowing in the mire that Christ Jesus was crucified to deliver us from. Oh that we might see sin as sin truly is, abhor it and flee from it as darkness doth the light.


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