Quotes (719)

“In fact, Baptists confess a church doctrine in which it is impossible to say, ‘I was Baptist born.’ One might be Roman Catholic born, or Anglican born, or Methodist born, or Presbyterian born, but none can be Baptist born. One cannot be a Baptist until after personal conversion to faith in Christ alone and His saving work, he or she professes this faith before a Baptist or baptistic congregation in baptism, that is immersion in water as a symbol of death, burial, and resurrection.”

Thomas J. Nettles 1946 – Present

One thought on “Quotes (719)

  1. Thank you, Brother Michael. It is important to realize not just what we believe but what our heritage is or it will disappear into the ether of history. I reiterate again that historically and Biblically, Baptists (baptistic in doctrine and practice) are not and never have been Protestants. They never came out of Rome.

    I also want to reiterate that I believe there are believers who are to be found in other denominations, and this is not to disparage their faith.


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