Quotes (716)

“[Children] must pay attention to what their parents have to say and do it. To hear and not do is to not hear at all. Clearly, this presupposes that fathers are teaching their children first. You can’t hear what is not being said. If children are to listen up, then dads must speak up.

Home is to be the university of life. Dad is the president and head professor, mom is on faculty and the head of her department, and, yes, she has tenure! The children form the student body, and the Word of God is the core curriculum. School is always in session, and obedience is what brings a passing grade.”

Dr. Steven J. Lawson
The Legacy” (1998)

6 thoughts on “Quotes (716)

  1. I am pulling together 50-odd pages of mostly Puritan encouragement for my daughter and her soon-to-be husband, to encourage them to exceed the level of obedience in all areas that her mother and I displayed. This quote will be added to the book – a most excellent rebuke to apathetic fathers.


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