Quotes (714)

We have a tragic situation today when men in the pulpits say that they believe the doctrines of grace but they refuse to preach and teach them to their people.

– William Payne

1938 – 1997

2 thoughts on “Quotes (714)

  1. I was talking to a synergist the other day that said she had studied the doctirines of Grace in depth(found them repugnant she said). What is funny to me is that she said I coined the phrase “doctrines of Grace”. It seems to me that if she really studied them in depth then she would know that I did not come up with the phrase.
    I found that a little humorous.


  2. This quote is timely. Last night I attended a memorial service where the pastor supposedly preached the gospel message to many unsaved family members.

    But during his sermon while he continually used the terminology, if we are ‘in’ Christ we have the hope of eternal life, he never explained what ‘in Christ’ meant.

    The pastor spoke about Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection and did a good job of explaining that God’s wrath for the sin of the world was poured out on Jesus on the cross and that Jesus paid for my sin; my debt was paid in full.

    But he never challenged the listeners to examine themselves…if one has no Godly sorrow for offending Him with their own wickedness, and they do not repent and follow Jesus with their very lives, then are they saved? My understanding of salvation is that Jesus must be our LORD and savior, not just the savior for those who wish to escape hell, but avoid submitting to the King of Kings.

    I saw this man’s attempt to preach the gospel as incomplete, tentative, and confusing. I was disappointed. I am not implying a fire and brimstone style of delivery, but what better time to consider ones own need for God than at a funeral? He stopped short.

    Am I off base? Any comments are solicited.


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