Quotes (713)

Puritans It is not one or two good actions, but a consistent conduct, that tells whether a man is a true Christian. . . . Sheep may fall into the mire, but swine love day and night to wallow in it. A Christian may stumble, he may even fall, but he gets up and walks on in the way of God’s commandments; the bent of his heart is right, and the scope of his life is straight, and thus he is considered sincere.

– George Swinnock

1627 – 1673

One thought on “Quotes (713)

  1. Great food for thought, Pilgrim. Thanks for sharing it.

    What a far cry is the sentiment of this quote from so much that is common sentiment today. How often do I hear: “Well, my pastor may not behave prim and proper like all you Pharisees, but, I know his heart is right. He went to Haiti for a few days, didn’t he? Sure he’s a sinner, but who isn’t.”

    A repentant life? Seems these guys from the 1600’s knew what repentance was all about.


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