Landcruiser for Liberia?

If you know of anyone who may have a Toyota Landcruiser they would like to donate to the work of Village Church Planters – Liberia, please have them contact VCP via the information from Village Church Planters or E-mail e-mail here. Also, you may write to us at This does not have to be a newer model but would want one to be in good repair and still have plenty of miles left on the engine. Liberians are very frugal and will make the vehicle last longer than many places in the west. It would also need to be 4-wheel drive due to the terrible road conditions.

We are praying that a suitable vehicle will be made available so as to further the work of VCP. Many places in Liberia are not accessible by taxi or motorcycle, especially during the rainy seasons.

Toyota Landcruisers are the best vehicles for West Africa due to the ready availability of parts. Many of the NGO’s (like the UN, etc.) have been using these, but they are very expensive in Liberia.

We have a Christian organization, Service To Servants, that ships vehicles and supplies to Liberia for missionaries. Once we have obtained an appropriate vehicle, we will be able to ascertain what the cost of import duty would be.

Please pray with us that this need will become a reality for the honor and glory of God as the work spreads further and further into the interior. Such a vehicle would be an extreme blessing to the pastors of VCP, none of whom are able to afford a vehicle.

The above picture is the type of vehicle we are looking for, and if you can throw in some snow to send to Liberia, that would also be a benefit! LOL

Another picture of an older style. The longer wheel base is necessary as this will hold 6-7 people comfortably, but would probably accommodate 10+ by Liberian standards.

One thought on “Landcruiser for Liberia?

  1. Thanks for the update DP – please keep us posted. Maybe folks can look at Craigslist also to see if any are available. Not sure what LCs go for used though. Possibly if one is found, we could collect donations specifically for the vehicle for the person to purchase it. Preferably someone who can suss vehicles and knows a good one vs. a lemon.


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