10 Things.

The following top ten list (plus one, which really makes it eleven) comes from a piece entitled 10 Things That Make a Lay Person Want To Spit which can be found on this post from the Bororean.


After seeing the Hoodlum Pastors short list of things that make a pastor want to cuss, I thought I would make a list of my own that truly makes me want to spit!

10 Things that make a lay person want to spit!

01. Preachers who insist on exalting themselves instead of magnifying Christ, they draw men’s attention to them or their church instead of pointing to Christ and His cross.

02. Preachers who fail to rightly divide the Word of Truth and attempt to pass off some self-esteem psycho-babble as biblical preaching.

03. Preachers who talk about being a biblical man but have very little warmth in their speech or actions! They are not sensitive nor tender to the flock of God and are callous in their dealings with growing saints and say hateful things on their blog or facebook for the shock effect.

04. Preachers who think they actually need to promote sex within the church.

05. Preachers who are preoccupied with their image and physical appearance and make a point to boast about their Harley Davidson, you know; the cool dude.

06. Preachers who have a disdain for the word “DOCTRINE”.

07. Preachers who start every sentence with “I believe”, vs “thus saith the Lord” and always makes a point to use the buzz words. (un-churched, Christ-follower you know the words that don’t offend lost sinners)

08. Preachers who proudly flaunt how different their church is from what has gone before and treat Christians from the past (and their hymns) with scorn.

09. Preachers who’s hero is Rick Warren or Joel Osteen.

10. Preachers who are always promoting some new thing or novelty that will change my life forever.


I guess I got one more in me! Oh feel free to add your own list in the comments.

11. Preachers who want to cuss because of weak and shallow Christians who sit under weak and shallow preaching, now that really makes me want to spit!!!

37 thoughts on “10 Things.

  1. 12. Preachers who think America was founded to be the new Israel when in truth it was founded to be the new Babylon.


  2. 13. Preachers who address the whole congergation as if he personally knew they were all Regenerated Christians, and because they were in the building, they are all in the body of Christ, and therefore everybody is going to heaven.


  3. How about pastors who use leadership positions such as small group leader or Sunday school teacher as a means of getting new “seekers” to connect and hopefully become established in the church?


  4. You said it much better than I could. One common trait among these type of “shepherds” is how little their tone resembles that of the chief shepherd. There is a coarsness now that is so prevalent among these pastors. It is hard to hear the voice of the chief shepherd when they talk.


    John H
    Toronto Canada


  5. 14. Preachers who do not practice what they preach. Who occupy a “bully pulpit” and are not an example to the sheep entrusted into their care. Expecting the sheep to be more than he is willing to be!

    15. Preachers who do not have their own house in order, and this one should be #1. Whose children are unruly and even unsaved. How can they care for the house of God, when they cannot rule their own household.

    16. Preachers who cannot handle money. Are in perpetual debt, personally. (this one may go with #15)

    17. Preachers who do not love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave His own life for Her!

    I may think of some more!


  6. 18, Congregations that are so consumed with what they are wearing, when they are going to get their next tattoo or piercing, what new gadget they are going to buy, and where they are going to spend their next vacation, that they don’t even realize that they are being spoon fed sugar water rather than the meat they need to grow and when you confront them with this they will defend their cussing pastor to the death.


  7. 19(a). “Pastors” who do more preaching from ungodly movies and music than they do from the Bible.

    19(b). “Pastors” who preach from ungodly movies and music without warning their people of the dangers of such “entertainment.”


  8. 20. Pastors who claim a vision from God for the NEW way of doing church. Churches are not for Christians they claim, but for the unsaved. Anyone who dares to question this is out, and can even have a restraining order put on them to prevent them going back


  9. I just want to say a big “Amen” to No. 5. That sounds JUST LIKE someone I know. (Of course I’m one of those KJV-using, suit-wearing, independent Baptists who gets called a fire-breathing legalist if I dare to encourage anyone to stop glorifying his Harley over the Lord, or suggest that black leather chaps might be a bit of a distraction during the church services.)


  10. And then there are the pulpit occupying false prophets who tell their “flock”: “It’s not up to me to feed you, feed yourself”.

    And those who NEVER speak against sin, and maybe get around to mentioning repentance. Not knowing that they are stealing from those who listen to them by robbing the hearers of their introduction to the grace, longsuffering, patience, mercy, and goodness of our glorious Savior.

    “Many will say to me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your Name, cast out demons in Your Name, and done many wonders in Your Name?’ And then I will declare unto them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!'”


  11. 21) Preachers who use a phrase (or any similar rendition of) that includes “Showing people how Jesus can change their lives.” – Jesus will definitely change your life… he demands it be crucified and you be a living sacrifice to God.

    22) Preachers who use a phrase (or any similar rendition of) that includes “Outside the box.” – You can’t get more outside the box than the work of regeneration and sanctification that the Holy Spirit will continuously and progressively apply to your life. It’s the most counter-intuitive paradigm the world can see. And best of all, you didn’t need to brainstorm to think it up. You just had to be called acording to His purpose.

    23) Preachers who love to cite the litany of pious deeds done by their church. Behold, they already have their reward, the congregants are amazed at their righteousness. But how about exegeting the Word in context and making it point always to Christ?


  12. 24) Preachers whose main objective is to make you feel good & happy about yourself.

    25) Preachers who tell their congregations “You should be more like David” or “strong like Joseph” or “You should have faith like Abraham”

    26) Preachers who preach on planting “$eeds and prosperity” and are always saying the word “anointing” in every sentence for some strange reason.

    27) Preachers who seem to be obsessed with the rapture & trying to figure out who the anti-Christ will be

    28) Preachers who preach topical sermons ex; how to have better relationships, self-esteem,purpose, better 401K’s


  13. Why do you think sex does not need to be promoted in the church? Many many many marriages are suffering from lack of sex. Divorce rates are high. My mother always told me, “sex is bad.” She never talked about it being a gift for married couples. So, when I got married I struggled with accepting that it was ok for my husband and I to be intimate. Now…being vulgar and tasteless when talking about it is wrong yes, but it is an important aspect in a marriage. Look at Song of Solomon. Why can preachers preach on everything else except for that part of the Bible?


  14. I am a bit baffled by #27…….by Leo.
    I have not run into any preachers (so-called) that preach about the Rapture…….which by the way is the glorious HOPE of the Church. I find that more shy away from the subject because Prophecy and end-time studies is just not their “thing”. Ignoring it will not make it go away. It is a very pertinent subject for the Church, the Bride waiting for Her Bridegroom.


  15. Berean Gal,

    Actually, in the context of the Titus passage, it is the glorious appearing of our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ that is the glorious HOPE. While I hold to a belief in the rapture, that verse does not speak of the rapture as the glorious hope. Sadly, that has been preached by many as a support for a pre-tribulational rapture viewpoint which is a position that cannot supported by Scripture. There are allusions to such, but no solid Scripture to prove the church (particularly in the West) will ever escape persecution. However, that would entail a different post and thread.

    Every blessing,
    The Desert Pastor


  16. Ok, you are correct.
    I am not going to get into a debate about
    whether the Rapture is Scriptural. That was
    not my intent.
    (I do believe that the true Bride will suffer some persecution, but NOT the wrath of God)

    I am only saying I am not hearing of any preachers preaching excessively (if at all) about the Rapture, the Second Coming, the Millenial Reign, the coming wrath, etc., etc.


  17. Berean Gal:

    Without meaning to sound wishy-washy by any means, I do see validity in what Leo, Desert Pastor and what you have said as well. With Leo, I would agree that there are those who are so obsessed with the end-times (key word: obsessed), that they keep making unscriptural predictions and suppositions. With the D.P. I agree that there are those who use the Rapture to “prove” Christians will not receive persecution, and that is simply unbiblical as well. And with you, I most certainly agree that there is so very little preached about the end times anymore, that a whole new generation is ignorant and unprepared for the warnings and predictions that will surely come to pass as given in Scripture.

    I remember the big topic some 35 years ago in Christian churches WAS the Rapture, 2nd Coming, Antichrist, etc. I wondered why that topic pretty much dissappeared, and it finally dawned on me that:

    1) For the Antichrist to make his appearance, all biblical teaching about him must be de-emphasized and ostracized as “Lindseyism” or some “lunatic fringe”, “paranoid delusion” of wacko eschatologists.

    2) For the rise of the world religion, as is displayed by Emergent change agents, the focus must be shifted from a “negative doom and gloom” judgment-focussed future of man (as described in the Scriptures) to one of “hope” and bringing “God’s dream” of His kingdom to earth right now.

    With that in mind, it’s no surprise that no one wants to preach about the end times today, since we are now in those times, and the machinery is already well underway.


  18. This was a list of things that make you want to “spit”, and NOT preaching the whole counsel of God qualifies. (i.e. just preaching those things that are in your comfort zone, etc.)

    I was trying to the original subject of the post.

    If you want to start another thread about the other controversy, that is fine.


  19. What about a pastor who uses the Strong’s Concordance as his main supply for sermons. Look up any word in the Strong’s, then read through the scruiptures listed under that word. At our last church the pastor preached a sermon on love, 35 minutes long and used the word love 132 times….Yes, I counted…….


  20. Desert Pastor, I think that is what I was saying.
    I do not believe that the we (the Bride) are appointed to wrath.


  21. Jeff H:

    Yes, it was very painful, this same Pastor would read a book and then preach sermons repeating the book in his own words. We attended faithfully twice a week and were starving for the preached Word. I know that both of these methods are used by Pastors for study and preparation, but when that becomes the end and not the means…..sad.


  22. Preachers who rely on the “Early Church Fathers”, Luther, Piper, or other men, to give credence to the validity of their teaching, rather than just standing on what God has said in His word. (Perhaps in accord with #9).


  23. OK, I have looked and looked I don’t think anyone else has mentioned this one. This could be an addition to fourpointer’s post.
    Call it 19(c): “Pastors” who preach other ungodly pastor’s sermons (Rob Bell) word for word as if it was their own, never giving mention to the real author of the sermon.
    Not that that would have helped the sermon in any way.


  24. Yes Diane,

    The Lord told Jeremiah that He took issue with that as well.

    Jeremiah 23:30 “Therefore behold, I am against the prophets,” says the Lord, “who steal My words every one from his neighbor.


  25. Great scripture reference, UnprofitableServant, thanks!

    By the way, this really did happened about 2 months ago in a Sunday morning sermon. I was shocked.


  26. Preachers who will not gird themselves and serve.
    (i.e. wash the feet of the saints, or any other humbling way!)


  27. Here are a few more:

    – Pastors who do not address sin in the church (even the blatant sins everyone knows about) and thus, does not practice church discipline.

    – Pastors whose own children are in open rebellion (oftentimes in more sin than other children in the church) and the fact that no one in the church sees a problem with that.

    – Pastors who treat the pulpit as a stand-up comedy routine (how many jokes and stories can you fill up your twenty minute sermon with?).

    And . . .

    – Pastors who make their sermons available only for sale. Not asking for a donation, but actually ‘selling’ their sermons.


  28. 1Pe 5:2 Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind;
    1Pe 5:3 Neither as being lords over God’s heritage, but being examples to the flock.
    If preachers had to give back the 4 million on their book sales and have a true regard for the full word of God, would they still be a preacher?
    And I have seen their pride those who would lord over the church, and I have to wonder would they be there if they truly had to serve? As for some of those in the church as well?…mememememeeee
    1Ti 3:6 Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.
    Seems to me that seminaries are full of them…


  29. So-called teachers of God thanking people in the audience for rebuking him for his unrepentant sin and saying, “God bless you brother…thank you.” Are you reading this Todd? Yeah, probably not…


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