Another ten (very) quick questions for Mormons.

In the past you’ve enjoyed Ten (very) quick questions for Mormons and Ten more (very) quick questions for Mormons. Now DefCon brings you Another ten (very) quick questions for Mormons.












15 thoughts on “Another ten (very) quick questions for Mormons.

  1. I like #4. I’ve used that line of thinking on them before, because it lends itself to going through some of the Ten Commandments. I’ll have to remember the way he’s worded it, though: Which commandments do you have to keep? and How often do you have to keep them?

    Suffice to say they don’t like admitting to breaking any of the Commandments.



  2. #5 (loving some people more than the Lord) is a problem for lots of folks outside the Mormon cult. I’ve heard SBC preachers make similar statements.

    Dude! All Arminians need to be asked #9. (I’ve finished watching them all now 🙂


  3. Interesting questions 🙂 Something else to add to question #6. If the Mormon god is a “more developed… [me],” and there are many different gods, either existing concurrently or one after another, then why shouldn’t Mormonism be considered pantheism? I’ve found Mormon theology is a lot of nice sounding ideas; a lot of poorly thought out, nice sounding ideas.


  4. Seems, this is a conversation of semantics with little enlightenment by faith and the spirit which teaches truth to all men. “Dead” How about “Else why are they baptized for the dead, is the dead rise not at all?” The spirit world and the living world can work (yes work) together for the salvation of ALL men. Not just a few, not just the so -called chosen.God is God to all. ALL will have a chance in this life or the next (or, yes in the spirit world…where they are separated from their bodies for a while, but not their reason!) Why make God unfair, why limit his words, why limit yourself? Id a man desires to learn of God, yes it is up to him, not some chance “picking” of God, nor some “according to his pleasure you are saved” That is the nonsence, the reasoning of men. You cannot know how God thinks, nor feels, noe can you limit his words, or revelations, or He would not be eteranal, nor limitless in is creations and His desires for his children to yes, become like him, one with him (in purpose) do you not seek to become perfect as was GOd, this is not sacriledge, we do not say, Mormons want to be God, equal to God, over God, That WOULD be sacriledge, but…can a father hope his child follows in his footsteps, can a Father and Mother hope their children will grow in wisdom by experience, we do not arbitrarily choose which of our children to save, nor deny them good gifts If they ask, we give it to them freely as He does us. We must ask for wisdom, we must seek him, Faith without effort, without works IS dead.


  5. The “peepstone” question..I suppose you would have to believe in Prophets as men truly called of God, to beleive Moses could devide the sea, Noah could build a boat in the middle of the desert (much to the amusement of many doubters of your ilk) You would have to have faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ first, in restored revelations and prophets secondly and thirdly, believe on miracles to beleive in the famous seer stones. Sure of President Monsonm did this, besides praying in the Holy of Holys on his knees daily for you and I, sure I’d honor his revelation. Remember, a true prophet of God will not ask his people to do those things against God, he would be removed or stopped by God before being allowed to lead people astray. Even Abraham was stopped from sacrificing Isaac. Also, we do not throw pearls before swine, so throughout the ages, many will mock anything of God.


  6. “All the commandments all of the time” question. Well, even Jesus forgave the adulterous, right on the spot, But he had a caveat, he told her to “Go and sin nor more” True repentance (or a changing of our heart to do right) is based on actions following our Savior, else what has he saved us from, if not ourselves? ha ha. I do think you took a bit of advantage of two young missionaries, of course one has to have faith to walk across the room, to get up in the morning, to believe God hears your prayers and cares about your personal sorrows. I lost a daughter in a car accident. I could have given up, I could have joined her, or I could have faith I would see her again in the resurrection promised to all of us by our creator and Lord Jesus Christ. Think of what you would like to last forever…aren’t your relationships, your friendships which your friends and family worth following CHrist , and yes, repentance, making things right on a daily basis is a catharsis of the soul, a constant reminder he loves us , ied for us, Lived for us. He was the only perfect soul on earth, we try to follow him, if we aren’t perfect, we don;t beat ourselves up, nor waste precious moments feeling horrible, we try to do better, be kinder to that person who villifies us, or who takes His name in vain. We witness and enjoy your witness too, but so not call you names, Mormon was an ancient Indian CHristian prophet, we do not worship him, like many, we are the victims of prejudice as well. I had Jewish ancestry, a Presbyterian greatgrandfather pastor, Luteran Norweigan ancestors, even a Mason, but all sought truth and thank goodness all came to AMerica and I am blessed to be here where we can worship Jesus CHrist as we wish. We worship as a global God, not just to the jews, but know He visited many lands and even was the great white God spoken of in the New World that Cortez and CHristopher COlumbus were mistaken for.


  7. Hmmm, wonder how I can get a smiley face instead of a frown?? ha ha…anyway, I came upon your site by accident, my Dad was Methodist Choir director, when the missionaries dropped by, well he drop kicked them to the curb a few times, then decided to read the Book of Mormon (second witness for Christ complied by ancient Indian prophets) to debate with them and instead was convinced of its truth. As for, what was the question? SOmething about outer darkness, as I understand it, only Satan or according to the scriptures, a son of Perdition (one who has a sure knowledge ofChrist then denies him..which Satan, the SOn of the Morning knew HIm and was a son of Perdition) can be cast into outer darkness, where no light of Chirst can enter.
    Light is an interesting Word, Truth is light, the SOn is often referred to as the LIght of the World. The Dark ages, was a time of little understanding, little “Enlightnment”.
    As for good feelings, the Holy Spirit can fill you up with a burning testimony of CHrist, or of any true principle of God. You will know it when you feel it. The Holy spirit can be yours to have always, but i you sin, you can temporarily cast yourself into a little pit of darkness, in your own mind, you feel confused, unclear as to your path, what is right or wrong? The SPirit of God, the Holy Ghost, this wonderful gift gives you confidence. SOmetimes we beleive in men and mens words, they make us feel good too, they can even justify our actions, give us excuse for breaking our covenants with God, the commandments themselves. The spirit of discernment, is a gift from God an can be developed to where you can tell, almost by looking at a person if he has the light of CHrist or Not, the eyes are the windows to the soul, and you can see the light of CHrist in anothers eyes, in the innocent eyes of the babe, or a young child, a pure young woman, these eyes are different from the eyes of the desparing, my patients who have overdosed and lost all hope, those who feel no one loves them, no one cares. I say to you, we mus love ourselves and see ourselves as CHrist sees us. He knows your heart and heartaches. So when you feel you are in an outer darkness or your own making, just surrender to HIm, get on your knees and ask Him to forgive you, so that you can forgive yourself. The forgiveness that could take a century may belong to the fellow down the street here who abused innocent children for 30 years and destroyed the lives of many. True story, now his forgiveness is up to God, who I’m thinking will see if this man will suffer in spirit prison long enough to have a changed heart, even have a desire to repent and accept God’s free gift of Salvation for all men.


  8. Destine’

    Wow!! That’s not a comment ,that’s a book…but I suspect you protest too much.Possibly you are already having doubts about the Mormon religion. Maybe God has orchestrated this post just for you. Destine’your religion can not save you nor can any other religion ;only Jesus can forgive your sins and make you a new person.
    You will need to repent of following a false prophet, preaching a false gospel about a false Jesus..and put your trust fully in the risen Saviour who went to the cross for you.
    I hope you do.


  9. @Destine’

    “Why make God unfair, why limit his words, why limit yourself?… You cannot know how God thinks, nor feels, noe can you limit his words, or revelations, or He would not be eteranal, nor limitless in is creations and His desires for his children to yes, become like him, one with him (in purpose) do you not seek to become perfect as was GOd, this is not sacriledge, we do not say, Mormons want to be God, equal to God, over God, That WOULD be sacriledge, but…can a father hope his child follows in his footsteps, can a Father and Mother hope their children will grow in wisdom by experience, we do not arbitrarily choose which of our children to save, nor deny them good gifts If they ask, we give it to them freely as He does us.”

    I don’t think anyone is *making* God unfair, nor are they limiting his “words” (as opposed to him?) or “[themselves]”. I really don’t know how God thinks, feels, etc. But I do *know* that he’s revealed Himself through scripture. And there is a particular kind of adultery that springs forth from “ignorance”. The kind that says to God “I have no clue about you!” even while He’s revealed Himself to us (holding ignorance as a greater thing than God, almost as if to spite his revelation”).

    I think the reality is that Mormons *do* want to be equal with God, though their theology / personal thoughts might not allow them this realization. What else is it to say, “I will be my own god?” It’s the oldest lie in history–it was the price of knowing the difference between good and evil–it’s a price that’s too high. Consider that parents have a responsibility to protect their children, they (children) do not always know what’s best for them, and may engage in destructive behavior. How much more, then, would God be guiding us.

    Thanks for the comment 🙂


  10. Is God not enough?
    In Heaven, or the Celestial Kingdom, at the highest level, also known as eternal life, every man is required to have a wife. Without her, you are not complete. You are not living the doctrine living Eternal Life. You are with God and Christ but not to the fullness you could have been. It isn’t about God, it is about the individual falling short of what God wants for all of us – to be there with your intact family.


  11. J.L. Fuller, what do you do with this truth from Christ spoken in Matthew 22:30, ‘For in the resurrection {that of all men at the end of this present age}they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.’

    Here is commentary from Matthew Henry on this particular verse, ‘It is not like the state we are now in upon earth; They neither marry, nor are given in marriage. In our present state marriage is necessary; it was instituted in innocency; whatever intermission or neglect there has been of other institutions, this was never laid aside, nor will be till the end of time. In the old world, they were marrying, and giving in marriage; the Jews in Babylon, when cut off from other ordinances, yet were bid to take them wives, Jer. 29:6. All civilized nations have had a sense of the obligation of the marriage covenant; and it is requisite for the gratifying of the desires, and recruiting the deficiencies, of the human nature. But, in the resurrection, there is no occasion for marriage; whether in glorified bodies there will be any distinction of sexes some too curiously dispute (the ancients are divided in their opinions about it); but, whether there will be a distinction or not, it is certain that there will be no conjunction; where God will be all in all, there needs no other meet-help; the body will be spiritual, and there will be in it no carnal desires to be gratified: when the mystical body is completed, there will be no further occasion to seek a godly seed, which was one end of the institution of marriage,


  12. unworthy1
    I appreciate that you have a quote by someone you trust. I believe my information comes from a higher source.


  13. JL, who is your ‘higher source’? Also, what do you think the word ‘resurrection’ means? A proper study of this passage makes it clear, Christ was talking about heavenly things, thus, he points to the resurrection. Also, He says, ‘behold, I make all things new’- Rev. 21:5; the present way of doing things will not be carried into the new heaven and earth.
    We also have this from Rev. 21:4, ‘And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.’ What would be the point of bringing forth a new heaven and a new earth if God intended to keep things status quo?
    My source is God’s word, and His word clearly states there will be no marriage in heaven, nor anything else from this life.


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