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Instead of the Bible’s masculine doctrine of salvation in which an initiating God acts with efficacious love to subdue His chosen people to Himself, much of the church now proclaims a passive God who offers His love but would not think of imposing His love on His bride. The pallid Jesus stands at the door and knocks, hoping we’ll let Him in. God is no longer presented as the very archetype of masculine power and love. This kind of feminized doctrine has contributed to the proliferation of feminized men who stand fearful even before their wives. If God is feminized, what chance do Christian men have?

– Philip Lancaster

2 thoughts on “Quotes (688)

  1. It’s odd how man has a way of making God in his own image. As unbiblical as it is for a man to be effeminate and fearful, equally unbiblical is it for a man to be abusive, proud, arrogant. Some today blasphemously preach that Jesus was a “punch you in the mouth dude”, a “prize fighter with a tatoo on his leg”, a party animal. Perhaps they describe Him this way to get away from any “feminine” image of Jesus. But any image of God inconsistent with His word is an attack on His character. And it is critical that we understand how Jesus would have us be, for He came to model how He wants humans (male and female) to behave (since He has called both genders to follow Him). And He gave the Holy Spirit to further define gender behavior in His word.

    What it seems to come down to is that we often lack a biblical understanding, both of the God Who created us (male and female), and how He has ordained for each gender to be. When we go outside of God’s order for us, we misrepresent He Who created us. And we bring Him dishonor.


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