Islamic Paradise and Jesus

Video about the work of God in Islamic nations and a searcher for truth who places his faith in Jesus. Please pray for this very dangerous work and that Islam might fall not by the bloody sword of the Crusaders, or the bombs of the American military machine, but rather by the Living Word of God. And that men might be raised up to translate sound doctrinal materials into Arabic and send to our brothers and sisters and those on the front line.

فيديو حول عمل الله في الدول الاسلامية والباحث عن الحقيقة الذي يضع ثقته في يسوع. على المسلم الصادق ، ونحن نصلي عليك أ

تنظر في هذه الأمور والبحث كما فعل هذا الطالب من أجل الحقيقة ، الحقيقة سوف تجد في يسوع.

6 thoughts on “Islamic Paradise and Jesus

  1. Wow! Any idea which country this was filmed in? How is it that this program is allowed to produce, without repercussions? That is definitely something you don’t see everyday.


  2. Really touching, visiting their website now to learn more about the broadcast. I have been reading on the emergence of Islam and am shocked at its root in catholicism.
    There is something about when the veil of darkness ( no pun intended) is lifted from unbelievers eyes. I got chills when he said “there is something happening in my heart…” YES it is turning from rock to flesh…


  3. I hope they gave him some names or churches or something. When he said he was going to look on internet for more information I got a cold shiver. There is a lot of good stuff and a awful lot of bad stuff. I will be praying for him


  4. Hi Jude,
    Actually, at the end of the program they mentioned that they were going to hand the man off to their hotline folks (I’m assuming counselors of some sort). This is the first I have heard of this ministry so I’m not sure about their workings, but I’m sure they would have provided him materials for reading, etc.


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