Postmodern chemistry lab.

For those who enjoyed playing Postmodern Twister, now there’s the Postmodern Chemistry Set:

7 thoughts on “Postmodern chemistry lab.

  1. would the “pinch of scripture” be the “in context” or “out of context” variety? they both have different make ups.
    the “in context” variety may not cause a reaction that would explode in your face.


  2. Very clever! I like it. It is sad that a lot of church administrators treat the bride of Christ as if she were a recipe that needs to be experimented with to achieve perfection. A good follow up to this may be a parody where we see some “relevant” looking men making out a business model in order to achieve “church growth” (something that is never commanded for us to be concerned about).

    Hey, how about a scene where the 10 commandments are stuck away back in a corner while spreadsheets, iBooks and Rick Warren books are front and center on the conference table where they are sitting. It sounds like a joke but I suspect that its probably more true than we know.


  3. Let’s hope that “a pinch” is not from the ventriloquist “Voice” Po-Mo revision of scripture as that would only confirm them into whatever McLaren wants you to believe!


  4. The recipe forgot to mention a whole bushel full of a gansta’ rapper’s conversion who now circles the globe “for Jesus” preachin’ the Gospa’! This tends to add some spice to a recipe if it seems too dry and hard to swallow.


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