The various first visions of Joseph Smith.

The following three-minute video is a great follow-up to Dear Mormon: Which version of the First Vision do you believe?

5 thoughts on “The various first visions of Joseph Smith.

  1. Of course, the standard Mormon reply is “Well, you know, there are differences between the accounts of the resurrection in the gospels”–failing to understand that those “differences” between the resurrection accounts were actually the writers “filling in the blanks” in the other accounts and expanding on what the others had written–without changing the narrative.

    Here’s what always amazes me–I met one of my ex-girlfriends on October 10, 1987, a week after I went to see Pink Floyd in the Carrier Dome. How is it that I can remember these rather mundane details about something that unimportant–but Joey Junior can’t remember the details of what happened when he (claims to have) stood face-to-face with God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!


  2. But they love “Jesus” – isn’t that enough?

    Let God be true and every man a liar – certainly including Joseph Smith. How sad it is that so many people believe so many false religions – proving Christ to be true when He described the wide gate and broad path that leads to destruction – it’s a crowded path. While the narrow gate, hard path, with a small group is the one that leads to eternal life.

    Mormon leaders and myriad others suppress the general revelation of God in order to create their idols.


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