Sarcasm at its finest: Happy spots and Hollywood.

Sometimes you can just use a good laugh.

The following video is a great follow-up of the post Woe Unto You.

And this video is a great follow-up to The Idolatry of Celebrity Worship.

3 thoughts on “Sarcasm at its finest: Happy spots and Hollywood.

  1. In the first video, it almost sounds like he’s describing most modern churches, and how they would rather use a more cutesy-sounding term like “bad judgment” or “slip-ups” than those nasty, evil-sounding one like “sin” and “transgression of the Law.” Why, if preachers use those outdated terms, people might actually start feeling bad about their “slip-ups” and try to make changes in their lives out of obedience to God. Can’t have that!


  2. I watched the second video and have yet to watch the first video. It was quite humorous but very true! The guy was describing the democratic party and celebrities but it sounded like big-name preachers and the followers of those big-name preachers! Either way, he was right with his description! Too bad so many churches and big-name preachers are so much like the world!

    Looks like he was right about the first one in dealing with Islam! It did start out sounding like cancer and I actually thought he was talking about churches and people who don’t want to hear the truth about sin but it can be applied to cancer, sin, and Islam! The sad thing is that it’s all true!


  3. I have a subscription to PJTV and Klavin is one of my favs 🙂 I watched these when PJTV first brought them out. So many who claim Christ are conformed to the culture that they don’t recognize how they have departed from the Word of God.


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