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voddie-baucham It is not the job of the youth pastor to evangelize my child—that’s my job. It is not the youth pastor’s job to equip (disciple) my child—it’s mine. And it is not the youth pastor’s job to send my child out to engage the world; you guessed it—that’s my job too.

– Voddie Baucham

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  1. And Voddie will tell you the same thing about educating your kids: it’s not the job of the government school to educate your kids – that’s your job!

    Voddie does not dodge any issue that the Bible reveals to man, so that those who listen to Voddie will have no excuse at his expense for rebellion against God.


  2. I agree completely. I’ve often thought – what is the job of the youth pastor then? What is the purpose of youth group? Is it even biblical? Should the youth simply join the “adult” service(s)/ministries/activities? Any thoughts are appreciated. I have a 4 year old and a 7 month old and considering what level I will allow them to be involved in “youth” activities when they get to that age.


  3. As a former lay youth worker much of what Pastor Voddie says regarding youth ministry really resonates with me. I would differ with Pastor Voddie is that he says that youth ministers tell parents to leave their kids to the “experts”. I experienced the opposite where parents demanded bigger and bigger events/programs, more entertainment for their kids. It was like nursery for the older kids just with more lights and a bigger budget.


    Very good question, just what is the role of the Youth Pastor/Youth Ministry. Youth ministry has been developed more or less on the fly starting at the end of the Jesus Movement in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Young people were coming to faith and churches sought to catch the wave.

    What’s the role of the youth pastor/youth minister/youth worker? Maybe we should give it a new title – parent pastor/parent minister/parent worker – focus on equipping parents, helping parents giving students another adult voice in agreement with parents. I know as a youth worker I was frim on the Fifth Commandment – even when jerky parents or step parents were involved. I think there is opportunity for youth ministries to help young people build godly encouragement, equip students to serve the church and help students with things like apologetics.

    The youth pastor/youth worker is NOT however, a foster parent, baby sitter, wayward kid rescuer, etc


  4. Habakkuk,

    What you describe is the logical position for parents who are not being discipled by the same churches that have program oriented ministries.

    In my former church – a program oriented mega-church – I heard two “youth pastors” tell parents that the church’s children and youth programs were all that stood between our kids and hell. After I left, a friend who is still there told me that he was told to keep his nose out of the children’s ministry his kids were captive to.

    There are exceptions to the rule, but the rule is as Voddie describes it. Churches are structured, by and large, to displace the parents and teach parent and child that the family is not important, setting parent against child and hoping to keep both in ignorance of the Scriptures.


  5. Heres a biography of a youth pastor over at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC. I attended this church before and questioned a Pastor (not the one in the link) being a OmegaPsiPhi fraternity member….


    Points of interest stated in the biography.

    “Pastor Lemons oversees 600 radical students where he bridges the gap between Hip-Hop and Holiness. ”

    “He has been in the presence of Jim Johnson, the former owner of Black Entertainment Television (BET), Reverend Al Sharpton and many other distinguished attendees of the Thurgood Marshall’s Scholarship Fund in New York City, NY to engage with leaders known for their excellence and involvement in various important endeavors. ”

    “This young man’s street jargon makes it easier to reach and save the youth. His biblical substance blesses souls; his edgy exegesis edifies the environment. “


  6. Contained in the churchs website above is a title that has been predominately used in churches is this “First Lady”. Also, a new one I read “Bowling with the First Family”.


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