A Rebuke from Russia

Mosh pit from Planetshakers "Christian" conference in Sydney, AUS

Over ten years ago, persecuted Christians in Russia sent an urgent plea to the churches of America to stop sending their demonic rock music under the ruse that it is supposedly Christian.  It addition to this plea, they also issued a sharp rebuke to the blindness and worldliness of the countless ministers and ministries that promote this music as being Christian. 

Yet has this plea been heard and has the rebuke yielded fruits of repentance?  Maybe for a select few but by in large the church has only further sunk into the morass of the world’s music whereby even thrash metal, rap, goth and a host of other forms of “music” are not only defended but welcomed into the church with open arms.  What a disgrace and shame that so many self-professed shepherds cannot separate the holy from the profane, the clean from the unclean.  And that the lost and unregenerate, as noted in his letter, have better discernment! 

For those who have eyes to see with and ears to hear I include the letter below.  At some point in the future I hope to write more about this subject. 

For thirty years we have suffered intense persecution. Now freedom is bringing another great harm to our churches. This damage is coming from Christians in America who are sending rock music and evangelists accompanied by rock bands. Our young people do not attend those meetings because we have all committed not to participate in secular entertainment. 

This is a great burden to our hearts. Many come with Bible in hand and rock music. We are embarrassed by this image of Christianity. We do not know what words to use in urging that this be stopped. We abhor all Christian rock music coming to our country. 

Rock music has nothing in common with ministry or the service to God. We are very much against Christian Americans bringing to our country this false image of “ministry” to God. We need spiritual bread… not false cakes. It is true that rock music attracts people to the church, but not to Godly living

We were in prison for fifteen years for Christ’s sake. We were not allowed to have Christian music, but ROCK MUSIC was used as a weapon against us day and night to destroy our souls. We could only resist with much prayer. 

Now, we have a time of more openness. We are no longer taken to prison. However, now it is Christians from America who damage our souls. We do not allow this music in our church, but these “evangelists” rent big stadiums and infect teenagers and adults with their rock music. We, the leadership and congregations of the Unregistered churches urge you to join with us, and we advise you to remove rock music from America. 

Do not desecrate our teenagers with it. Even the unbelievers recognize it is unholy music. We call this music, “music from hell.” We urge all Americans to stop giving money for the organizations of such concerts in Russia. We only want traditional Christian music in our churches. This is the unanimous decision of all our leaders. 

Peter Peters and Vasilij Ryzhuk, Unregistered Union of Churches, Moscow, Russia, April 15, 1992 (Bold added) 

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  1. I’ve been to a mosh pitt in my B.C. days. Trust me, this is not a mosh pitt, lol.

    It looks like they are worshiping, IMHO.

    What artists do you recommend for Christians to worship to?


  2. December 26, 2009

    I was weaned into the 60’s revolution. I know too well the power of the culture and the devastating consequences it brings into lives. How grieved I am to see the church of Christ in America bow with great compromise to the spirit of anti-christ in these last days. Under the guise of drawing in the lost (serving goat food to goats), we have allowed the world’s system to infiltrate and defile our churches and the pure gospel message.

    My spirit bares witness to your message. Radical separation from the world has given me a greater sensitivity to the heart of God like never before. I haven’t had television in my home for 5 years and 4 years ago the Lord began to prompt me to give up Christian Contemporary Music as well. The farther I remove myself from the world’s influence, the easier the leaven is recognized.

    I believe it is the desire of God to see the Church return to a place of renewed purity in worship. My heart aches when I attend worship services where rock music blares from the pulpits (As was the case this Christmas eve.) It has been said that ‘the defining moment in the 60’s rebellion, was sparked by the HIT SONG “SanFrancisco”’. Rock music is powerful. It has established the rebellion/revolution that will usher in the anti-christ. We Christians pride ourselves in that we have rid ourselves of drugs and immoral sex and yet we justify and exalt the devil’s music on our platforms.

    There is a sound that demons are content to dwell with and that is far from the sound of David’s harp. Dear God, let us strip that music from our alters! God said take the land, but not the ways of the heathen. He told us not to attempt to usher in His presence on the Philistine cart because the world’s way brings death. Consider the cry of Elijah as the Israelites tried to offer their sacrifices to both God and Baal. Hour after hour the shouting and dancing could not bring the fire of heaven down. Today, we too, spend literal hours in loud frenzied worship services and resort to calling emotionalism the presence of God. We have taken the devils music, riddled with the chaos of distortion, dissidence, and the driving beat that appeals to the flesh, offer it to our Holy God and wonder why His people are struggling with purity. I know several men of God who admittedly struggle because of sensual singing and sensual dancing during worship services.

    My former home church had hired a children’s Pastor (hand picked by our Senior Pastor to draw in families/numbers). The Pastor and children presided over one Sunday morning service beginning with 30 minutes of worship using Industrial/Club/Rave style music. One 26 year old man was so upset he walked out of the sanctuary! Why, because as a new Christian, he knows what Rave parties are all about. That music, much of it WITHOUT LYICS, speaks for it self. I believe God is seriously grieved over our compromise and lack of discernment. We need to rise up and call out Contemporary Christian Music for what it is, wicked. Even the world rejected this music 45 years ago! How far we have fallen!

    I am praying and fasting for a true revival in the hearts our young and old alike, not built on rock and roll, but rather on the Solid Rock. Sir, continue your cry in the wilderness for separation and I will be praying that the last idol, the idol of worldly music, will be exposed for what it is. We cannot continue to serve two masters.

    There are two Judas in the camp and one of them is a devil.

    It was the music that crossed all languages, the music that called the nations to worship the image.

    Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, WHO OPPOSES AND EXALTS HIMSELF ABOVE ALL THAT IS CALLED GOD OR THAT IS WORSHIPED, SO THAT HE SITS AS GOD IN THE TEMPLE, SHOWING HIMSELF THAT HE IS GOD. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work.

    For His Kingdom,


  3. brother Michael:
    Thank you for posting. I see that justifiable rebuke came in 1992. I wonder what the persecuted Christians of the world would say of the degenerate state of American “Christians” now, with the proliferation of perverse, blasphemous, immoral pastors that draw thousands of worldly, fleshly followers who have rejected repentance and holiness in favor of “just loving jesus”. A “jesus” that is, who has been re-imaged by their pastors to be someone they prefer to believe in rather than He who has described Himself to be in His own word.

    We need to stop funding the American missionary efforts who are exporting corrupted concepts of “Christianity” and start funding missionaries to American churches. Especially in need of evangelism are the followers of Noble, Warren, Driscoll, Osteen, and all the rest of the imposters in the pulpits leading many astray in the name of a false “Christ” and false gospels they are preaching.


  4. Thank you brother Michael for posting this. I volunteered briefly at a CCM radio station in the area and saw firsthand what a Christian ‘concert’ was like…no different from the rock concerts I used to attend!
    The verses I used to quote on the air, along with words like ‘repent’ and ‘you must be born again’ caused a lot of friction between me and the station ‘consultants’. They insisted my ‘preaching’ was offensive and I was instructed to ‘tame it down’. Needless to say, I knew it was time to leave.
    People would donate their money to causes like this, believing this garbage promotes the Gospel. There are those who will stand firm defending CCM as ‘Christian’, BUT, I NEVER heard a solid testimony for Christ from any of the artist[s]. The vocals, guitar licks, drum solos, light shows, etc are no different than their pagan counterparts. They sign autographs, have ‘fan clubs’, and groupies just like their rock counterparts. How is God glorified in all this?
    During intermission, some youth pastor gets up and plays on the emotions of the young; he gets some ‘decisions’ for Christ and then brags about how many ‘decisions’ were made, like he has anything to do with changing a dead in sin heart.
    I am thankful God has pulled me out of this deception, as well as t.v. I too do not have television in my home anymore. The more we remove ourselves from the world, the more we become like Christ and the clearer we see and hear Him.
    I still battle with the internet, but I believe in time God will separate me from this as well!



  5. Laura – Your words, wisdom and testimony are truly refreshing and I take great encouragement that there are others out there who are willing to speak out against the fattened golden calf of CCM, rock music and the worldliness in the church. Hold fast to what Christ has given you. Check out on YouTube or elsewhere Psalm singing. Most today could not tolerate such wonderful music as they have been raised on the sour milk of rock and roll, but I trust you have matured well beyond childhood to solid meat and will be greatly edified.

    JoeMawma – I agree that it does not look like a Mosh pit but this is how it was noted in the newspaper article so I kept it as it was. I’m not sure how one can conclude they are worshiping God since this same picture is seen hundreds of times at rock concerts and other venues. As far as who they are worshiping, I would say it is the performers first and foremost as all of this is the product or result of the searing music, light show, stage antics, etc. And, I don’t know about you, but in all my years as a Christian I’ve never seen someone “worship” God in such a manner when sitting down to read the Bible, or hearing an expository sermon.

    Lyn – Praise God for your testimony; what a blessing to read! No TV and CCM? How in the world can one live without these in our modern age? I jest and hopefully not to sin. And you are correct re. the CCM concerts; it is all flesh and no different from rock concerts as I grew up with the same. Just like you noted also, fan clubs, screaming girls for their heartthrob hunks, boys lusting over provocatively dressed and gyrating women, head banging, slam dancing, cotton-candy ecumenical “gospel”, award shows, the applause of men, and lots and lots of money.

    I hear you. re. the Internet; pray for discipline, set aside time to use it and time to get away from it, and seek to use it to build the kingdom of God. Whether that be in virtual fellowship, encouraging the saints, supporting brethren in foreign lands, reading and studying to show yourself approved, etc. Personally, it can be an issue for me as well, but let us pray the Lord give all of us the grace we need.

    Manfred – Good words of wisdom. I also encourage folks to check out Mount Zion who send out very profitable materials both domestically and overseas. http://www.johnbunyan.org/


  6. I hope they have stuck with their stand. I noticed IHOP has an “awakening” going on. I clicked through 2 hours of it, music, no Bible reading at all. Calling the Holy Spirit down and fire and tongue speaking. TB is also working himself up for another revival. What times we live in.


  7. I don’t disagree with the Russian pastors at all, but I guess I am curious as to their definition of Christian “rock”. I wonder if they meant to include ALL CCM, or if they strictly meant “rock”, in which case I would agree.

    Recently, I watched (on Youtube) Michael W. Smith leading several thousand (well behaved and orderly) Dutch teens in “Mighty to Save”. He is a true man of God and has has a very holy, God-honoring ministry – both inside and out of music.

    Likewise, while The NEwsboys might technically be classified as “Christian rock”, the DO present the Gospel in their shows and their worship would make you weep, it’s so heartfelt. Google “Amazing Love – Newsboys” – it’s one of the most moving, and true to the Gospel, modern hymns ever performed.

    So while in principal I agree with the concerns expressed in the letter, remember that music style can be used just like many things for either good or bad. There are some contemporary Christian music artists who truly are honoring God, and leading others to do the same. Matt Redman is another who comes to mind; as is Chris Tomlin. But I have a feeling it was not these artists the authors had in mind by “rock”.


  8. Marie,
    I cannot comment on who these pastors were speaking about specifically, but I would imagine they would include artists like Michael W. Smith, Newsboys, etc. in the mix. I could articulate many reasons why, but since the subject is so vast, I cannot comment appropriately without going into a lot detail, so I will desist from doing so. I hope to do some articles in the future about rock, CCM and music in general.


  9. Brother Michael & Marie,

    May I humbly recommend as a starting place for the discussion on music the series I wrote some time back. It has 10 parts and you can search for it or start right here at Part 1 – Music The Golden Calf.

    As for people like Michael W Smith and Newsboys (just to rename two already mentioned), I would also believe the Russian pastors would have included them in the equation for that which was both not glorifying to God and was detrimental to the edification of the believers in their assemblies.

    The Desert Pastor


  10. Well said – the subtlety by which a money, beauty, sexualised, fame centred industry has successfully insinuated itself into Christian culture is amazing. A walk around a Christian bookshop illustrates this very well. CD covers with ‘beautiful people’ with pearly white teeth and perfect, butter-wouldn’t-melt smiles is enough to make the more perspicacious customer head for the door – convinced they were being seduced by clever marketing and the idolatry of fame and a given culture which is such a part and parcel of Western life.

    What many people excuse as ‘Christianising’ of certain industries, publishing, counselling, self-help, financial advice etc. is actually the reverse and illustrates how with the right marketing the very opposite of the Gospel is seen as a viable and laudable consumer culture for many Christians. It is not – it is a few people making a lot of money out of other people’s misplaced piety. ‘God’ has become a business just like anything else – thankfully the Russians seem to have spotted what many Western Christian have not – of have chosen to ignore…


  11. The basic problem seen all this types of artist is that they depend on their music to lead people to God vs just preaching the Gospel which is the only way to lead people Christ.

    For those who might disagree with me and point out that these CCM like Smith have pastors speak during their concerts, I will point out that mob-mentality plays a huge part during these emotional stories told by these artist/pastors. All the worship hype creates an emotional setting which is used to convince the audience to say “Jesus” just because it feels good and at the time it’s the right thing to do to fit in. The problem with this is who is drawing the confession? Is it the Holy Spirit drawing them to Himself by the preaching of the pure Gospel or it is the artist skills and abilities that draws them to a confession? The answer is it’s the emotional worship experience set up by the performing artist in order to snag a confession thus keeping the show on the road.

    Matthew 7:21-23 (NASB)

    7:21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.
    22 “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’
    23 “And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness .’

    Jesus Christ does not need music, videos, etc… to save people. The preaching of the Gospel is enough. Our American church needs to drop all this relevant culture. We need to go back to just preaching the whole council of God to the sheep and encouraging the sheep to take the pure Gospel out to the world. Today, it’s just the opposite in that many pastors do not preach the whole council of God, they bring the world into the church to lead the world to Christ. CCM merely reflects what is being taught in the American church today.


  12. David,
    Spot on. That’s all most altar calls consist of- emotionalism.The music is played everybody is caught up in the moment and they give the altar call and of course people respond. This is manipulative and deceitful, but hey it gives them the numbers to justify what they are doing. A bit of gospel gets thrown in like Jesus loves you. Marketing at it’s most evil


  13. Speaking of IHOP…For those of you who are unfamiliar with International House of Prayer, only seeing is believing. The annual onething youth conference is beginning today though New Year’s Eve. Here’s the link for free live web streaming:

    View in full screen if possible.

    Be prepared to watch multiple hours of frenzied, head shaking, body twitching/jerking, drunken swaggering worship and judge for yourself whether these manifestations are of the flesh or God the Holy Spirit.

    What would become of IHOP if the plug were pulled on the instruments? Would 20,000 youth show up each year to sing hymns?


  14. Thanks Laura for the link. Listening/watching now – amazing but not surprising. The sad thing is that so many do not realize that this rock concert religion is not Christianity; yet it has become the norm where the Biblical pattern is mocked, ridiculed and labeled as legalism. We need more voices to speak up and point to the NT apostolic pattern; that being congregational (not concert!) singing of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.

    Londanlad – Excellent point about the “beautiful people” – so true.


  15. What is it that makes Christian rock demonic? How can a band that writes lyrics like this be considered demonic and evil?

    I believe in God the Father – maker of heaven and earth
    And in Jesus Christ His only Son
    I believe in the virgin birth
    I believe in the Man of Sorrows bruised for iniquities
    I believe in the Lamb who was
    crucified and hung between two thieves

    I believe in the resurrection on the
    third and glorious day
    And I believe in the empty tomb and the
    stone that the angel rolled away
    He descended and set the captives free
    And now He sits at God’s right hand
    and prepares a place for me

    This is my creed – the witness I have heard
    The faith that has endured
    This truth is assured
    Through the darkest ages past
    Though persecuted, it will last
    And I will hold steadfast to this creed

    I believe He sent His Spirit to comfort and to reveal
    To lead us into the truth and light, to baptize and to seal
    I believe that He will come back the way He went away
    And receive us all unto Himself, but no man knows the day

    I believe He is the Judge of all men, small and great
    The resurrected souls of men receive from Him their fate
    Some to death and some to life, some to their reward
    Some to sing eternal praise forever to our Lord

    Petra – Creed


  16. Leighton,

    Lyrics may be sound, but such does not redeem the delivery mechanism. The worldly music is designed by the ruler of this age to make an impression on the soul of the unguarded. Rock music, by its nature, is celebrity focused, self glorifying, and smothering of all rational thought.

    As we read in Haggai chapter 2, that which is unclean is not made clean by coming into contact with what is clean. It makes that which was clean unclean. As with the proverb that bad company corrupts good character.

    Do not love the world or things of the world, for friendship with the world is enmity towards God.


  17. Australia is in a big mess with its self imposed worship (music). if you want to test the sincerity of any church then simply ask them to give up the rock n roll freak show.

    Ask them to return to the hymns. i bet the church will be empty!
    The world has taken over my church without a shot being fired, in Samsons case the Lord departed from him and he knew it not


  18. Well said about the self-imposed worship Joe. Also, you noted: Ask them to return to the hymns. i bet the church will be empty! True, yet I’d add, ask them to return to singing the Psalms and see what happens.


  19. I am so appauled by this post. This post is on the internet and nowhere in the Bible does it say that we should use the internet. Thus it is wrong for us to be on the internet and posting these types of things. I guess I am sinning by replying to this post because it must mean that I am on the internet, too. And we all know that there is pornographic material all over the internet so it must be sinful. I am such a terrible sinner. Not to mention that I sin repeatedly when I read the Bible that was printed because that heathen Gutenberg invented the printing press.

    Seriously, people! If you don’t feel that you can worship God when there are drums, an electric guitar, bass, or keyboards, then that is fine. But how dare you judge people for the way that they worship.

    Just because something can be used in pagan rituals doesn’t make it evil. Look at Christmas…December 25th was decided to be the day that we celebrate our Saviours birth even though most scholars would tell you that He was born in the springtime. So why did the church decide to celebrate it at that time…Because it was right around the same time as a major pagan celebration. So they took something that was meant for evil and turned it into a time to celebrate the hope and love that Jesus brought when He was born.



  20. Aaron,

    You demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the Regulative Principle as it is rightly embraced by Reformed Christians. Here’s a good article explaining it: http://www.apuritansmind.com/puritanworship/mcmahonregulativeprinciple.htm

    As for pagan rituals assimilated into the church – that such is widely practiced does not make it acceptable. Can’t think of single “Christmas” theme or decoration that was not FIRST practiced in a pagan religion and brought to the church by the always apostatizing cult of Rome. Even the word connotes blasphemous practices within Roman Catholicism.


  21. Manfred,
    I believe I do understand the Regulative Principle. It means that everything that God requires in worship is outlined in scripture. This principle says that only what scripture says should be implemented in worship.

    I have to ask you three questions.
    1. Where is this principle based in scripture?
    2. Do you believe that people who worship based on the normative principle of worship are not worshiping?

    I ask you to read this scripture and then answer another question.

    Psalm 150
    1 Praise the LORD. [a]
    Praise God in his sanctuary;
    praise him in his mighty heavens.

    2 Praise him for his acts of power;
    praise him for his surpassing greatness.

    3 Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet,
    praise him with the harp and lyre,

    4 praise him with tambourine and dancing,
    praise him with the strings and flute,

    5 praise him with the clash of cymbals,
    praise him with resounding cymbals.

    6 Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.
    Praise the LORD.

    3. Where in Psalm 150 does it use the word “only”? (I will give you a hint…it doesn’t.)


  22. Why don’t you just explain it to me? I honestly feel that it would be better if you do since we are in a conversation about it over this sinful internet.


  23. Aaron – read the article, it will ‘splain it to you just fine. THEN we can talk. If you click on my screen name, you will be taken to my web site, from which you can send an email directly, if you so desire.


  24. Aaron,
    Straw man argument. The internet is not used to replace the Gospel. The internet has enabled many people who would not hear the Gospel to be witnessed to. Music is the golden calf, put in place of the Gospel. People are drawn to the church with music and other wordly enticements, because it appeals and makes us feel good. Then a bit of Gospel is thrown in, but the main enticement is the music. It appeals to the flesh and the Gospel doesn’t. The Gospel must always have centre stage and once we have put something up there with it and say ” This will draw people in” making it equal to or better that the Gospel we are sinning. We have seen it many times, people using programs, gimmicks anything because they think it’s up to them to save people and according to them if these people are all coming to church they must be saved. The Holy Spirit quickens the spirit to be opened to the Gospel not music


  25. Manfred,

    I have read the article. I believe I understood the Regulative Principle before reading the article and there was no new information that I read.

    The whole idea of the Reg. Prin. is that everything that is required for worshiping God is lined out in scripture and that if something isn’t there then it is not true worship. Ultimately it is God that determines what is true worship, not man.

    Here is my question for you…

    What does God care about when it comes to worship? Does He care about the outward expressions? or Does He care about the attitude in which that expression of worship is being carried out (aka the heart)? Because I (and scripture) would argue that the second is more important to God.

    Do you worship God at a church that is built to the exact dimensions of the temple? Because according to the Reg. Prin. you must be worshiping in a building like that. But hold on for a moment…the New Testament church didn’t worship in a “church” so you can’t worship in a church because the Reg. Prin. says that you can’t add anything to the worship of God. Quite a dilemma you have there!

    Here is my last paragraph. I am excited to be a part of the body of Christ with you. I am thrilled that when you worship God with the people who make up your local church within the ideas of what worshiping God means to you all, you are able to feel that you are pleasing God. My educated guess is that your church and my church have very different ideas and values of worship. But when I worship while singing along with an electric guitar blaring and drums beating away, I am reminded of how great and awesome our God is, and that even though He is so infinity holy, that His grace and mercy was shown through Jesus death on the cross and that on the third day He rose from the grave to give us hope and victory over sin and death. And when Christ comes back to reign on this earth I will worship Him with everything I have, just like I worship Him now. So even though our ideas and values of worship are different, does that mean that we have different Gods? Because I do not believe that it does!

    God bless you.


  26. Aaron,

    Based on your questions, it appears you are taking a wooden-headed approach to this conversation. I invited you to email, which would the way for us to proceed, but based on your questions (both of which must be taken as rhetorical) it does not seem profitable to either of us.

    Study the Scriptures and see that God has declared He cares about the physical as well. Uzzah knows this well 🙂


  27. Manfred,

    How do you answer my question about where you worship? I am just trying to say that there are holes in your Reg. Prin. and all I am trying to do is point them out. I am not questioning/judging the way that you worship God all while you are judging me.

    I do not appreciate the wooden headed comment. Actually pretty rude.

    I will see you in heaven. I will not be surprised when I see you there, but I am guessing that you will be surprised when you see me worshiping our God with an electric guitar and amplifier turned up to 11.


    Who was Paul to the Greeks? Who was Paul to the Hebrews? To reach the world you have to give it to them in a way they understand.


  28. The earliest development of Christian worship is documented in the New Testament. The Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles present the very early Christians, then still very much a part of the Jewish scene, as frequenting both the Temple and synagogues, as well as meeting in private homes, frequently to “break bread,” a term that connotes both the sharing of an agape meal, and celebrating the Eucharist. A number of these gatherings of the early Christians are seen to include such components as “the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread, and prayer” (Acts 2:42). Interestingly, however, the New Testament text never actually refers to such gatherings or activity as “worship”, but consistently rather applies worship vocabulary to how Christians may honor God with their whole lives (e.g. Romans 12:1).

    Subsequently the theme of worship is taken up by many of the Church Fathers including Justin Martyr, Irenaeus and Hippolytus of Rome (c. 170-c. 236), and seems to be liturgical. The Holy Eucharist was the central act of worship in early Christianity. Activities in the synagogues continued into the early Catholic Church. The early Christian use of incense in worship seemed first to originate in Christian funeral rites, and later used during regular worship services. Incense was also used in the Bible to worship God and symbolize prayer, in both the Old Testament and New Testament; one of the three Magi offered Christ frankincense, and in the Book of Revelation, angels and saints appear in Heaven offering incense to God.


  29. Had a lot of trouble with the legalistic approach to the subject re drums. The arguement against
    implies drums were used in voodoo, pagan rituals etc. so therefore we cannot sanction drums in
    church environments or recorded music. This equally means no christian anywhere should ever
    build a bon-fire , nor sing choruses around it to God, because the Australian aborigines and parts
    of Africa used bon-fires as part of their pagan rituals. (I should know – I live in Oz.). You should never use flutes/pipes in your church becoz Indians have used them to “charm” snakes. ( Oh,those poor people that went to all that trouble to learn it). Your comment about “music should become part or one with creation” borderlines mystical beliefs. Our traditional indigenous folkshave that in their ancient cultural beliefs. That is rubbish. You have used the Russian incident to justify your claims.But even tho’ i have enjoyed many many music genresover the years inc’g. rock styles, I too would go nuts if i was forced to listen to that non stop. That would be horrible. I can tolerate rock written by christians but only for so long in a day. After a while i just want some quiet, and do other things. Would recommend your viewers to see Chuck Girards
    comments on line re rock. I’ve just realized I don’t have acoustic drums in my studio, but rather
    drum/percussion sound samples in my keyboards and PC s/ware. And i bought it all brand new – no chance of it being used for voodoo – now there’s a tough one for ya’. See if u got scruples on that. PRESS STOP. Just researched: The ancient Jews used a tof, a small drum, used in synagogal music in the Temple of Jerusalem. Also see wwwnetplaces.com/drums/ quote: “As previously mentioned, drums are not only used in tribal culture. They are & have been a part of Jewish, Christian, & Muslim religions for centuries. However, some religious groups-for instance,early Calvanists-feared that the drum would give rise to evil forces. This produced movements throughout history that saw the mass banning of music & drumming altogether. Fortunately, these movements did not last.” Praise God 4 that.eh?
    I believe your site is fairly honest, and your intentions good. Thank u for making it possible for others to critique your work. Thats a lot more i can say for the ones that pedal eronious doctrines over the net. They won’t allow anybody to comment. Just shows what kind of spirit they are. Thank u. phil anthony kaunesis


  30. I can’t go to american churches anymore because they all play the devil’s music. That voodoo drum beating music has infected all the american churches like viruses infiltrate the internet. I’m thinking about going to a Russian pentecostal church that I know about. They’re difficult to understand but at least their doctrine is sound and they don’t play the devils music.


  31. Fred – your comment is far too general and broad. While it’s sadly true that many churches in this (and other) countries have brought various forms of ungodly music and other worship forms into their midst, it is also true that there are many churches whose names are not known to the world that are faithful to our Lord and God. Be careful with any pentecostal church – they tend to be experience-based in their theology more than biblical.


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    Issue that needs to be considered. especially in our modern time where we are tempted to go along the styles of the world that needs to be carefully examined if it passed the principles set forth in the scriptures. Thanks to brother Michael who posted this.


  33. I think you are expressing the opinion of a small corner of the church. The choral harmony so beloved of the church is a modern invention and, even as recently as the 14th century, would have sounded appalling to most ears.
    Your list of biblically approved instruments is a list of nearly every instrument then in existence. It reflects what the congregation of Israel owned and played.
    Drums, like organs, like pianos (clue’s in the name) have wide dynamic ranges. Different ethnographic expressions of church will approach musical worship according to their taste, not a c. 4000 year old norm.
    I think that the beginning of humility is the confession that we are not right about everything and that our beliefs and opinions are contextualised by our experience. Fear is the root of many opinions and ‘truths’ in the church and we should be dealing with the mote in our own eye …


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