A Roman Catholic with univeralist leanings vs. an Atheist on the topic of Christmas.

I found this short and interesting video debate between a Roman Catholic (who includes Evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons under the umbrella of “Christian”) and an Atheist on the subject of Christmas.

The Roman Catholic is a Foxnews anchor, and the Atheist is from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Yes, the same Freedom From Religion Foundation that honors the bloodthirsty racist Margaret Sanger as a great “Free Thinker.”

All in all, a very entertaining video.

8 thoughts on “A Roman Catholic with univeralist leanings vs. an Atheist on the topic of Christmas.

  1. Somehow the video would not play for me, but if the person from the Freedom from Religion Foundation is whom I think it is, then I am glad I didn’t watch the video. This lady I am thinking of, who I saw in a video debate with David Barton, has no intellectual basis for her thoughts. For her, it’s “There is no God and that’s it”. She can never articulate her message of why she believes that. And when she is losing a debate, she resorts to personal attacks on a person.


  2. I watched the video. I think it was Ann Coulter as the Fox Roman Catholic. She is deceived and rude in continually talking over the poor wretch who claims to be an atheist.


  3. It is Laura Ingraham, and she does have the habit of talking over people, which I don’t like. But…..the woman from the FFRF has a big time history of insulting people who disagree with her and talking over also. If you can look it up, find the video of this woman from FFRF and David Barton. Absolutely despicable with the words she uses and the insults she flings at him.


  4. Laura and Ann look alike on my radio 🙂

    Considering that the woman from FFRF is the personification of Romans chapter 1, it’s not surprising that she is hateful to those who proclaim Christ.


  5. If anyone has followed the history of the FFRF, they quickly realize that the Freedom from RELIGION Foundation is a misnomer. The FFRF has no problems with athiesm, agnosticism, islam, confucianism, hare-krishnas, radical enviromentalism, etc. It is only Christianity (and that which looks like Christianity) that they want freedom from.


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