Quotes (672)

Paganism was a system of deceivableness. It was the worship of a false god, under the pretence of being the worship of the true God. But popery [Roman Catholicism] is a deceivableness on a scale far beyond that of paganism. The one was a counterfeit of the religion of the Gospel. Popery has … a saviour of its own -the Church, to wit. It has a sacrifice of it own -the Mass. It has a mediator of its own -the Priesthood. It has a sanctifier of its own -the Sacrament. It has a justification of its own -that even of infused righteousness. It has a pardon of its own -the pardon of the Confessional; and it has in the heavens an infallible, all-prevailing advocate unknown to the Gospel -the “Mother of God.” It thus presents to the world a spiritual and saving apparatus for the salvation of men, and yet it neither sanctifies nor saves anyone. It looks like a church; it professes to have all that a church ought to have; and yet, it is not a church. It is a grand deception -“the all-deceivableness of unrighteousness.”

– J.A. Wylie (from The Papacy is the Antichrist)
– 1808 – 1890

3 thoughts on “Quotes (672)

  1. I wonder what brother Wylie would have to say to 21st century ‘enlightened evangelicals’ who are constantly making reference to catholic history, current doctrinal pronouncements, and what they think or recommend concerning world events and problems. Probably something along the lines of “Why do you side with the Apostasy? Are you so ignorant of scripture that your mind is unable to reason? Are you so in love with your sin that any covering will do? Do you hate and despise God Almighty that much that you will resort to convenient lies to bolster your self-esteem? Perhaps you should simply declare that (your) god is dead and be done with matter entirely.”

    I doubt he would be so kind.


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