Quotes (671)

O, the work that sin has done in the world! This is the enemy that has brought in death; that has robbed and enslaved man, that has turned the world upside down, and sown the dissensions between man and the creatures, between man and man, yea, between man and himself, setting the physical part against the rational, the will against the judgment, lust against conscience; yea, worst of all, between God and man, making the sinner both hateful to God and the hater of God. This is the traitor that thirsted for the blood of the Son of God, that sold Him, that mocked Him, that scourged Him, that spat in His face, that mangled His body . . . condemned Him, nailed Him, crucified Him. . . . This is the bloody executioner that has killed the prophets, burned the martyrs, murdered all the apostles, all the patriarchs, all the kings and potentates; that has destroyed cities, swallowed empires, and devoured whole nations. Whatever weapon it was done by, it was sin that caused the execution. Do you still think it is only a small thing? If Adam and all his children could be dug out of their graves, and their bodies piled up to heaven, and an inquest was made as to what matchless murderer was guilty of all this, it would be all found in sin.

– Joseph Alleine

1634 – 1668

5 thoughts on “Quotes (671)

  1. Sin is a hienous thing.

    I cry out with the apostle Paul “For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate.” [Rom 7:15]

    Sin hurts.


  2. Iam a regular reader of your web site and find it to be helpful in my walk with Christ. this quote makes me realize over and over again that sin is no small matter. The picture you show is it of a book and if so how were can i get one? In Christ Alone, chet


  3. Dear Chet:

    Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

    This was a picture of a book that Joseph Alleine wrote. I got it from an image search on the internet as I did not find any pictures of Joseph Alleine himself.

    I’m sure if you’re wishing to get a book written by Joseph Alleine, you can search the internet.

    I got the above quote from this Puritan daily devotional.

    – The Pilgrim


  4. (sound of me getting TKO’ed)

    The Puritans have done it again…

    Where are the people who mourn sin like this nowadays???

    Have we no SHAMEanymore?

    Thanks Pilgrim.

    – Jeff


  5. We need to be regularly reminded of our sin (in spite of what the current American church tells us). We tend to forget the seriousness of sin. We have a way with downplaying our culpability in our depravity. A quote like this helps us to put sin into its proper perspective.

    Let us never forget that it was “just” one sin that caused the Fall, ushered sin and death into all of the world, condemned mankind, and required the death of the perfect Son of God in our place to satisfy the wrath of the Father.

    Sin . . . it’s definitely the reason for the season.

    – The Pilgrim


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