Oral Roberts Dies

In no way rejoicing, but for those who care to know, Oral Roberts today has joined the growing list of Word Faith teachers who have died.  Where once again, a man who claimed he had the power to heal others could not, like his predecessors, heal himself.  The cause of Mr. Robert’s death was complications of pneumonia according to Melany Ethridge, his spokeswoman.  He was 91 years old.

In poking around the Web, I came across a website of one who was closely tied to the Oral Roberts ministry and was himself a Word Faith preacher and also one of Oral Robert’s bodyguards.  Here, I felt it would be profitable to share his reflections since he walked where many of us have not walked regarding the Word Faith movement.  And to God be the glory, by His grace, this brother was delivered from the Word Faith movement and is now a Southern Baptist preacher.

Speaking to Oral Roberts death on his blog, he writes:

I do not write this gladly or mockingly. I worked for Oral Roberts for two years. I was one of his bodyguards. I delivered his newspaper every morning. I watched over his family as they slept. I was a huge fan and admirer.

But Oral Roberts died sick today. Just like all of the famous Faith Healers, he has died sick. Kenneth Hagin died of heart disease although he claimed to enjoy Divine Health. He was on heart meds for years.

EW Kenyon, the founder of the Word of Faith Religion and author of the confession brings possesion [sp] message, died from a malignant tumor.

The Word of Faith Message is a false one. It does not work, even for the most famous preachers.

Most assuredly their message is a false one regardless of what the deceivers like Jesse Duplantis continue to spout forth.  The only option for those trapped in this movement and in bondage to its damning legalism is that you leave this movement even as Junker Jorge did.  And that you come to understand and believe the true gospel where Jesus came not to deliver us from sickness, pain and suffering nor to give us wealth and richers, but the one where he came to set us free from sin and give unto us the gift of eternal life.

17 thoughts on “Oral Roberts Dies

  1. How tragic for him. I recently had a rather heated discussion with a charismatic who insisted she brought her son back from the dead. She claims he drowned when he was a child and she laid her hands on him, telling God this was HER child and God could NOT have him; then her son started coughing up water and came to. How terrible to be that blind, how frightening to be that arrogant. This same woman is telling others in my class they are going to hell because they do not speak in tongues, and they do not attend the church she attends. Praise God He gave me the opportunity to share the true Gospel with these women. Her damning heresy is a result of men like Roberts, who now realizes his dog and pony show is over; he will stand before the bar of a Holy God and answer for his damning heresy; how horrified he must now be. Wicked men like Roberts will receive the just punishment for their crimes, which will be severe.


  2. Hi. If you don’t mind I am going to put this up on my blog as I also expose the wof and nar doctrines. The thought of standing before God in such error should be enough to scare the lie out of anyone. Sadly, it does not as most of them don’t even realize they are wrong as they have lived the lie for so long.

    I also blog back and forth with Junker Jorge. It is amazing to see how God brings so many of us together in the blogging world. It’s certainly changed my life. I learn, I grow and I’ve made some great friends tho none of us have met in person.

    Blessings and keep up the good work.
    mkayla’s korner
    Just so you know who I am and where this article is going. 🙂 I will link it back here.


  3. I think the Lord uses these situations to point to the fact that these people do NOT know the truth. It’s amazing that most of the WOF preachers tend to die sick. Most people in the WOF movement seem to be like an ostrich and stick their head in the sand so they can believe what they want!

    Here is a couple of verses that are so apropo for the whole situation.

    Jer. 5:30, “A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land;”

    Jer 5:31, “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?”


  4. There’s a fine semantic line, here. “…true gospel where Jesus came not to deliver us from sickness, pain and suffering….” While it is true that his purpose for coming was not the miracles themselves, but the faith that resulted from them, it is also true that he did, in fact, come and deliver people from sickness, pain and suffering. This point is quite correct, but some will likely cheer with you on the assumption that Jesus does not heal the sick, raise the dead, make the lame to walk or the blind to see. He did, and he does all of those things. He just doesn’t do those things for their own sake. He does it so that we will believe and be saved.

    I don’t believe that we disagree. I just wanted to clarify.


  5. The purpose of the miracles was to solidify He was THE CHRIST, the Son of God; unfortunately, sinners flocked to Him for temporal reasons, to be healed of their diseases and illnesses in the here and now. Yet, they did not see nor understand their greatest need, the deadly disease of SIN and it’s eternal ramifications.
    The greatest miracle of all is NOT the healing of the sick, nor the miracles He did. The greatest miracle of all, made possible by Christ, is when a lost soul is re-birthed by God…this is simply beyond our comprehension.
    The dog and pony shows of the WOF movement have made a mockery of the healing power of Christ and turned it into a moneymaking sideshow for their own personal gain. Desperate people flock to these events in hopes of being healed, and some leave there with a false sense of being cured. It has been proven that many of those who say they were healed succumb to their illnesses not too long after they were supposedly ‘healed’. Yet, the WOF wolves prance around in flashy suits, dripping in jewelry and living a life of luxury, not caring that they are deceiving the masses.
    They emphasize the fleshly desires of lost mankind, and never address the true need of all, to be healed of the deadly disease of sin.


  6. Greetings:

    Above the writer states – …..but the one where he came to set us free from sin and give unto us the gift of eternal life.

    I would agree and hope all Christians agree that this is the main reason for Calvary.

    Then the writer states ……And that you come to understand and believe the true gospel where Jesus came not to deliver us from sickness, pain and suffering nor to give us wealth and richers,……

    This is my question to that statment: If we don’t believe that our Lord can deliver us from sickness, pain and suffering – then why do we pray for ourselves or others that are sick, that are suffering, that are in pain or that are in financial need?

    Are you saying that Jesus does not heal, perform miracles, deliver, etc?

    Or are you saying that many teach that Jesus can be their “sugar daddy”? Meaning they will have no problems when they come to Jesus.



  7. KC- the Gospel message is not about Christ healing temporal sicknesses and diseases. We all believe Christ can heal the sick, perform miracles, etc….but, that is NOT why Christ died on the cross.
    The true Gospel message is to repent and believe in the finished work of Christ on the cross.


  8. The biblical truth that the WOF fails to note through proper exegesis of the Scriptures is that there was NO physical healing in the Atonement. Death and sickness still come upon ALL men. That is part of the curse of sin. Salvation does not negate that in this life. Only we pass into eternity will the effects of pain, sickness, and death no longer have a hold on us!


  9. KC wrote: This is my question to that statment [sic]: If we don’t believe that our Lord can deliver us from sickness, pain and suffering – then why do we pray for ourselves or others that are sick, that are suffering, that are in pain or that are in financial need?

    KC – No one is advocating that we do not pray for our needs as we are instructed in the Scriptures to do so. Rather, the issue has to do with whether we are guaranteed healing, prosperity, and all of the other things WF teachers say we are per Jesus’ death on the cross.

    The truth be told, this is another gospel as Jesus did not come to guarantee that we walk around in $10,000 suits, wear Rollex watches, fly around in private Lear jets and live in 10,000 sq. ft. mansions. This is the gospel of covetousness where prayer becomes nothing more than the spiritual rubbing of the bottle so that one can get whatsoever he/she wants. With God being nothing more than a spiritual errand boy who lives to meet every whim and wish coming forth from one’s carnal heart.

    This is not the God of the Bible who sends sickness, famine, drought and all other manner of trials unto his people to form Christ in them. For it is only through the crucible of trials that our faith is both tried and refined. For if one does not die in Christ than he will not be able to live in Christ.


  10. KC,

    Remember in John 6, when Jesus feeds the multitudes with bread? What happened the next day?

    John 6:25-29–And when they found Him on the other side of the sea, they said to Him, “Rabbi, when did You come here?” Jesus answered them and said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, you seek Me, not because you saw the signs, but because you ate of the loaves and were filled. Do not labor for the food which perishes, but for the food which endures to everlasting life, which the Son of Man will give you, because God the Father has set His seal on Him.” Then they said to Him, “What shall we do, that we may work the works of God?” Jesus answered and said to them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.”

    Those people had the same problem as the many who have been fleeced by Oral Roberts and his son and his proteges–they are all out there looking for “signs and wonders” that will fade away, and distracting people from the eternal Bread of Life.

    The gospel is not about health and wealth and prosperity. To say it is would be to turn our Lord Jesus into some Divine bank teller, and turns the cross into an ATM where we fulfill our earthly pleasures (see James 4:3). It is, in short, heresy these people preach. And unless Oral Roberts repented before he took his last breath, he is reaping the reward of the false gospel he sowed.


  11. Well, Oral Roberts is dead after all these years.

    After all those false visions and prophecies and teachings and healings.
    After stealing people’s money and living a lavish lifestyle.
    After threatening God would kill him if he didn’t raise $8 million in 12 months for his ORU scholarships.
    After the failure of the City of Faith medical center.
    After a 900 foot Jesus appeared to him.
    Now he’s gone.
    Now he knows with Whom he has triffled with.
    Now he pays for swindling and lying in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, twisting and abusing HIS Word for his own gain.


  12. Hi again.
    I came out of the “healing room ministry” from the International Association of Healing Rooms under the leadership of Cal Pierce (John G. Lake).

    It is claimed the word sozo in the Greek means to be healed, saved, delivered therefore “absolute healing is in the atonement for all”. This is what happens when knowledge is put in the hands of stupid people. Absolute healing is a great lie that so many have been deceived by.

    While I was in this “ministry” (gag) I saw many, many people struggle in desperation as to why they have not “manifested” their healing. A curse, a word curse of a another believer or a witch, a generational curse, hidden sin…not utilizing the correct words during prayer, or having the right person to pray over them, not enough prayer, their failure to claim the healing or ignorance in how to “keep” the healing, reciting healing words or healing scriptures at various times throughout the day to “effect” the healing…the list goes on. I know of nothing more evil than to put a person in this bondage. It is horrendous, demonic and so many suffer under it, needlessly.

    I don’t know if Oral Roberts taught this. I do know those who follow Pierce’s methods do, and I would bet one of them is the famed and followed Bill Johnson. (They are pals)

    Lies like this need to be exposed – who, what, when, where.

    I can think of nothing more horrifying than to be separate from God for an eternity –especially to know that what I taught –or parroted– put someone there. The realization of my own error and how – somehow – I had become a great offense to the God I claimed to follow and serve – was the wake up call for me. Let’s pray that others can get that same call.

    Blessings all.


  13. Death of any human being is never pleasant. A Christian should never find pleasure in the death of the wicked because our LORD does’nt.

    We are to love our enemies.
    Oral was an enemy of the cross of Christ.

    May his family come to know Him, if they do not truly already.


  14. Pilgram, Yes, and Mr. Graham’s montra/cult is with us today in all of it’s glory and splendor. Promising salvation, but unable to deliver just as Mr. Roberts could not heal.

    Would you mind reposting the interview done by the wise man of Crystal Cathedral and Mr. Graham? Thanks.


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