NewSpring, Perry Noble, and Dr. James Duncan.

As a follow-up to Fourpointer’s post from two days ago, I want to direct your attention to a situation that has arisen between Perry Noble’s church and Dr. James Duncan, a vocal critic of Noble.

I will not attempt to rehash the ugly situation here, but will direct you to the following piece written by Dr. Duncan on the matter: Holy Rage at the Spring

I also highly recommend a fantastic two-part podcast from Pirate Christian Radio on this situation. In the first half of part one of this podcast Chris Rosebrough interviews Dr. Duncan regarding the character assassination and wholly unbiblical and non-Christian acts perpetrated against Dr. Duncan by staff of NewsSpring in retaliation to his vocal opposition to Noble. The second half of part one concludes with Rosebrough’s critique of a Perry Noble sermon. Part two of the podcast is Rosebrough’s continuation of this critique.

You can download the podcasts here:

Perry Noble’s employees assassinate the character of a critic: Part One

Perry Noble’s employees assassinate the character of a critic: Part Two

Frankly, I am not surprised that this whole awful situation has transpired. The current culture that’s being fostered in such churches as NewSpring is that the leader is not to be questioned. When the cults act this way it’s identified as a sign of conditioning and thought-control, but when mega-churches act this way we’re supposed to shut up because Noble’s god told him that those outside of his church who criticize him are jackasses and are to be ignored.

The intolerance and anger that comes from Noble is nothing that his critics should be surprised at. After all, this is the guy, if you’ll recall, who gave a tongue-lashing to his own congregation for expecting their pastor to . . . . well, be a pastor.

Welcome to Laodicea, where peace is defined as the absence of all opposition.

13 thoughts on “NewSpring, Perry Noble, and Dr. James Duncan.

  1. Perry doesn’t carry himself as one to whom attention or respect is due. Regarding his rant about not liking his herd, I do give him credit for recognizing that his family is a higher priority than the temporal needs of the church, or goat club, he tends to.

    Too many pastors do neglect their families for “success” in the church. This is a shame.


  2. I have read everything Dr. Duncan said and he seems to talk about this matter in a very godly responsible way. And if there are any doubts about what Dr. Duncan is saying he allows us to see the actual letter that he wrote to Perry and New Spring with all of his points and their counter points (lies or half truths) if you could call them that. The thing that made me more sick to my stomach then even there screwing up his adoption and porn emails was the statement New Spring released after all of this happened which made Dr. Duncan seem as though he was a money hungry liar and enemy of gods anointed (Perry Nobel).

    How can New Spring and it’s members be silent! Where is the outcry?!

    What are these “CHRISTIAN” pastors and leaders thinking?

    Side note, How can Driscoll (Warren but I don’t expect him to take a stand) share the stage with this man even before all this came out but especially after. Im confused lately with Driscoll’s actions. He takes a hard stand against emerging church leaders who teach a false gospel but at the same time he is standing in unity with Schuler, Nobel, Warren and others. It doesn’t make sense to me. Is he become a pick and chose ecumenical Pastor?



  3. matthew birch

    Im confused lately with Driscoll’s actions. He takes a hard stand against emerging church leaders who teach a false gospel but at the same time he is standing in unity with Schuler, Nobel, Warren and others. It doesn’t make sense to me. Is he become a pick and chose ecumenical Pastor?

    I think they are “birds of a feather”


  4. I enjoy listening to Fighting for the faith with Chris Rosebrough and do read the blog of Dr. James Duncan and this issue makes me sick. To hear that this man was treated with such hate by supposed Christians is a black-eye to the body of Christ.
    Men like Perry Noble who twist God’s Word do not deserve to be pastors.
    I’m glad that I have a Godly Pastor who feeds me the Word, not this ungodly man.


  5. This always happens! When someone stands for the truth and speaks out against sin then the one spoken against will make nasty comments! I really am not surprised about the whole thing. Also as far as Driscoll…well, if you go back and read some of the other things he’s done then this also should not come as a surprise! He’s not after the glory of God but the glory of himself so he will stand with whoever it takes to get him that glory!


  6. Matthew birch:
    Funny you should mention Driscoll. It’s not at all surprising he should be friends with Noble, since they share several behavior traits. Like Noble, Driscoll has also berated anyone, even his own congregation, for criticizing him. Those outside his congregation he refers to as the “pajama-had”, “religious losers”, etc. Those in his congregation who engage in the sin of “questioning” or of “wanting access” to their leaders, he rebukes as “proud” (in one of his sermons on “humility”). In a sermon on “temptation”, Driscoll actually told his followers that the bible teaches to “just shut up and do what you are told”. Driscoll has a history of abusing his “flock” with intimidation and abusive speech. And as for Noble’s less than edifying speech, Driscoll has also made a reputation for having a foul mouth. As Shane has rightly said, they are birds of a feather.


  7. If there is one thing that Driscoll and Noble have in common with their “go after the one’s who question you”, it’s two names: Robert Schuller and Rick Warren. They are the kings of “Attack the Questioner”.


  8. The old saying is true. Birds of a feather flock together. They are so much alike they could have been bought up together


  9. Over on Apprising Ministries with Ken Silva he has a video of Perry Noble teaching a seminar to church leaders. Throughout the video it seems as if he looks for any and all chances to use language that offends and shocks the listener. He says something, then looks up at the camera as if to say, “did you hear that one?” Also, he used the text of 2 Kings 7 to advocate change in the church. He said that the four lepers at the gate decided they needed to change or die, so they changed. The thing is, they decided to flee to the enemy. They decided that it was better to embrace the enemy than die. Personally, I would rather die than embrace the enemy. In the passage he used, the food found in the enemy camp was a temporary reprieve from the famine. It was meant as a way to glorify God through the fulfillment of a prophecy. Also, did the whole change thing actually save their lives? We have no reason to believe it did. It may have prolonged it a few more days, but as far as we know they still had leprosy and they may have starved later in the famine. I may be wrong, but I feel it was a very poor passage to use to advocate change in the church. My thoughts are that the language and the attitude of this man completely undo any good thoughts he may have. ( I actually agreed with a couple of things.)


  10. Dear Truther:

    Chris Rosebrough deconstructs this very sermon that you are talking about in the two podcasts I linked to in this post. It makes for a very interesting and entertaining three hours.

    Just right-click on each link to download the podcasts.

    – The Pilgrim


  11. I listened to the podcasts and thought also that Chris did a fine job. I still think that the fact that Perry kept talking about the lepers as doing something great is one of the worst cases of justifying change. The lepers were doing something totally selfish, cowardly, and they were betraying their country. At first they even thought to keep it their little secret as long as possible. Perry is in fact telling us that we need to abandon the faith and the gospel that was passed on to us from the apostles and Jesus Christ and embrace the enemy.

    I listened to another clip on AM of another one of these guys, and he had the same hateful, bitter, spiteful attitude that Perry has. I am not into psychology, but it seems that maybe he was bullied as a child, experienced some bad church experiences, had a low self-esteem, and is now over-compensating.


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