Who said that?

Who made the following statement?

My message is not about doctrine. I don’t have to get 50 references from Scripture in a sermon for it to be a good sermon. Churches that are helping people live out a Christian life are growing and flourishing. . . . I want to be careful not to criticize anybody or be negative . . . but we need to change with the times.

Answer . . .

Joel Osteen from this news article.

HT: First John Four Five

19 thoughts on “Who said that?

  1. Wow there is an embarrassment of unbiblical quotes in that article choose from: “I feel like I don’t need to preach” is a strange one, from someone who claims his ministry is “of God.”


  2. I read the whole article and he mentioned twice that people stop him in the streets all the time to say hi to him. I find it disturbing that a pastor would be pleased as to what unbelievers and strangers think of him, rather than what God and the rest of the body of Christ thinks. Joel, this is not about being popular and well-liked; this is about souls…


  3. Old package, new wrapper. Back in the early 70’s I remember a catchy little tune by Love Song about the Little Country Church, part of the lyrics include: “preacher isn’t talking ’bout religion no more, he just wants to praise the Lord. People aren’t as stuffy as they were before, they just want to praise the Lord. And it’s very plain to see. It’s not the way it used to be.” Yeah, I thought that was great stuff back then. Right up till the time I realized the foundation of my “faith” was nothing more than the shifting sand of feel good “Christianity”. No doctrine, no solid foundation, and great will be the fall.


  4. Brothers and Sisters,

    In utter contrast to this proponent of “your best life now” I recently conducted an interview with Jeff Noblit (senior pastor of Grace Life Church and pastor to Paul Washer).

    You can view it here: http://narrowseventhirteen.blogspot.com/2009/12/interview-with-jeff-noblit.html

    [DefCon staff : I attempted to contact you by email but for a reason unbeknowns to me they bounced back at me, hence me mentioning it here. I feel that the body would be blessed in reading it . No trolling intended.]


  5. My guess was one of the Emergent crowd. The really sad part is this quote could have easily come from so many different people, and all names that we know. Pile up those teachers!


  6. I would have guessed Warren, too. Maybe because I can’t get past Joel’s eye squinting and verbal cheezie-ness to watch longer than 5 mins.


  7. Very true Manfred. That reminds me of something I saw on TV yesterday. Someone was interviewing “Reverend” T.D. Jakes on domestic violence. He was not introduced as a Minister of God, or Pastor etc; he was introduced as a “MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER”!! Yes, they got it right, but it saddened me that a supposed Pastor sees himself as a motivational speaker rather than a shepherd of God’s people.


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