Driscoll disqualified.

In the comment thread of another post, reader “David T” linked to a revealing article on Mark Driscoll from the blog The Christian Worldview which I wished to highlight in this post. You can read it here:

Mark Driscoll: Is He Qualified To Lead?

I caution you, however, that discretion is needed because the article quotes Mark Driscoll heavily. It’s unfortunate I have to provide a caution regarding what comes out of the mouth of a “minister,” but these are the times in which we live.

I hope that the article linked above will help those who are on the fence in regards to Driscoll. But beware, you may feel the need to take a shower after reading some of Driscoll’s quotes.

And for those who feel the need to defend their man Driscoll, before you leave your comments you must first reconcile Driscoll’s speech with the following Scriptures, or don’t expect your comments to be approved.

A worthless person, a wicked man, is the one who walks with a perverse mouth . . . Proverbs 6:12

The fear of the LORD is to hate evil; pride and arrogance and the evil way and the perverted mouth, I hate. Proverbs 8:13

The lips of the righteous bring forth what is acceptable, but the mouth of the wicked what is perverted. Proverbs 10:32

Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than he who is perverse in speech and is a fool. Proverbs 19:1

Likewise urge the young men to be sensible; in all things show yourself to be an example of good deeds, with purity in doctrine, dignified, sound in speech which is beyond reproach, so that the opponent will be put to shame, having nothing bad to say about us. Titus 2:6-8


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19 thoughts on “Driscoll disqualified.

  1. The Pilgrim,

    I must say that I skipped over some of that article you linked to. It is just more proof that Driscoll is not only disqualified for ministry, but his “fruit” makes one wonder whether there is even life eternal.

    A true Christian does not remain entrapped in the world and all of its allurements. He is a new creation and MUST change or he has no life! Yet, Driscoll continues to enjoy vulgarity, demeaning women, making jokes of the God-given institution of marriage, etc. with no repentance forthcoming.

    Yes, I will go one step further and say that any minister/preacher/pastor/teacher etc who continues to support/endorse the ministry of Driscoll is sinning before God and in danger of jeopardizing their own ministry.

    Sadly, Driscoll is a money-maker amongst some of the college age generation. He is hip, cool, relevant, and to condemn him outright is take the chance that you might turn off some of those individuals who might buy your own books and/or listen to your radio program. And besides, we are not supposed to judge another “brother.”


  2. DP, you are absolutely right. It grieves me deeply that Driscoll is becoming MORE AND MORE popular amongst my fellow college-age friends. I remember talking with one friend & he said something to the effect of “oh, well, he repented of that stuff a long time ago.” Personally, I’m going to say that I think a considerable amount of this attraction to Discroll has probably partially to do with the fact that he isn’t flagrantly denying or calling into question cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith like Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, or Tony Jones.


  3. Cathy Mickels was very discretionary when she quoted Driscoll, as I have personally heard Drsicoll say much worse. Her article is only a very brief introduction to just how immoral, blasphemous, perverse and degenerate Driscoll truly is. And that doesn’t even begin to cover his false teachings.

    He is a wicked man, he is not my brother in Christ, he is leading many into an Christless eternity, preaching a different Jesus, and a different gospel.


  4. I did read some of it but even so a lot of what I read was pretty disgusting! I hate to think that it actually gets worse than that. I definitely would NOT recommend him to any new Christian! As Pilgrim mentioned, it is sad that there has to be a caution said against someone who claims to be a minister of God but such is the age we live in!


  5. I didn’t read it either and will not. I’ve read enough of Driscoll’s trash to completely agree with DavidW that this man is NOT my brother in Christ. Nor can I find any precedent in Scripture to indicate that a ring-leader of a cult, ie a false prophet, has ever been converted. II Peter 2:12-17 speaks to this. Driscoll is a man who cannot cease from sin-he cannot control his tongue. v.17 indicates that such a person “is reserved the blackness of darkness forever”. What a horrible thought. Sounds like it puts such men in the same boat with Judas-no possibility of salvation. Ultimately it’s God’s call, not mine and aren’t we all thankful for that!

    The real tragedy here is not Driscoll and all of his antics. It is the multitudes that he is leading away from Christ, who because of his mouth may never be saved-again, God’s call not mine. Forty years ago I was lost and involved with a cult similar in some ways to MD. Thought I was saved and gladly participated in the required activities because I LIKED my sin. Defence of the cult leader was an unspoken must. The more you participated in the cult sin the deeper the leader (false prophet) would take you into his dark world. It doesn’t matter who the leader is or what is required of you to belong to such a “special group” (boy did we think ourselves special) it ALWAYS destroys lives.

    When I was saved a little over five years ago the most dramatic thing that I remember was the overwhelming gentleness of my Savior as He pointed out ALL my sin to me. My tears were for the joy of His forgiveness and the utter disgust and contempt I had toward the activities that I once relished to the point of compulsion. To this day the joy has increased and so has the disgust. I suppose the bottom line of all of this is that when a person is truly converted he is delivered from the power of sin ( Col. 1:13 & others).

    So to those who read this post of your hero and writh in agony that you are not allowed to defend your leader please understand that the GRACIOUS Lord Jesus may well be trying to wake you up and call you out and away from a man for whom it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to lead you to Christ.


  6. I was reading the link Mark Driscoll: Is He Qualified To Lead?

    There is a fine line between honesty and vulgarity. I found his youtube video very honest and trying to stop compromise in a culture that is compromising.

    The other approach is take the Church’s Victorian view of sex which is also not biblical and in my opinion causing us to lose the war on one of the Church’s biggest elephants — sexual immorality.

    You wont win this battle by hiding and sticking your head in a hole like an ostrich.


  7. Any ordinary English-speaking person would have NO issues understanding the meaning of vulgarity, as well as the difference between honesty and vulgarity! So, if I understand your faulty premise, then using toilet talk and the types of words and innuendos reserved for late-night tv is just being “honest” as long as we do it with the right intentions of helping “Christians” be more culturally relevant.

    I would rather be on the side of gospel which is timeless, eternal, and breaks across ALL cultural boundaries than to be on the side which you appear to be falling on – cultural relevance at the cost of the gospel in both word and deed! For what it is worth, the Word of God never needed culturally relevant “preachers” using swear words, shock tactics, gutter-speak, and MTV-esque verbal pictures, etc. to share the truth of God’s Word. It needed AND still needs men who are willing to face the battle no matter what the cost, call sin for what it is – SIN, and live in a way whereby they seek to be a living example of the Lord Jesus Christ in every aspect of their life.

    Driscoll still does not qualify based on those qualifications – which unfortunately for his supporters JUST HAPPEN to be biblical!


  8. I am not finding a lot of theocentric rebuttals here. I found no gutter speak in the video at all. An honest discussion of issues facing people on todays world of pornea was what I heard.

    And what I saw in the youtube video was Mark Driscoll facing one of the worlds and Satans most common battle of pornea with an honest discussion.

    Now on another video I would have to say I would have some mild disagreements with Driscoll but in reality no worse than the “overt” generalizations I have see here in a short time.

    Once again looking for some real meat to decide on Driscoll for myself.


  9. To centralityofthegospel:
    If you are seriously and honestly seeking to make up your own mind on Mark Driscoll, why don’t you engage in some serious study of God’s word, get to know what God has revealed about repentance, sanctification, holiness, etc. Compare what God has specifically said with what Mark Driscoll has specifically said in his sermons available on his website, as well as in his books. That would be more beneficial to you than taking any man’s word for it, or a YouTube video here and there. Have you read his “Radical Reformission”, his “Religion Saves”, and the rest of his books? Have you listened to his available sermons and heard his perversity ad nauseum? If you have, and his perversities, blasphemies, false teachings and abuse of the pulpit are OK with you, then God help you!


  10. “centrality”,

    If the best you can do is to come to this site and make comments about non-God centered we are and that the “mild” areas in which you disagree with Driscoll are “in reality no worse than the ‘overt’ generalizations seen here at DefCon”, then I am afraid you are about to wear out your welcome in one of the shortest timeframes of any of the very few we have had to restrict from openly commenting here at our site!

    At this time, we have posted more than enough information for any true believer living for the Lord Jesus Christ needs to see, read, hear, or find in regards to the problems with Driscoll. If you have no real issues with anything we have posted here, then I would heartily recommend you spend time re-reading the truth of Scripture instead of spending time on the internet demeaning blogs that you really little for in the end result. Recommendations would begin with Romans 12 and the entire book of 1 John. A person who is a true believer cannot remain in sin, nor can they “not have a problem” with those who choose to indulge the lusts of the flesh. Those who indulge and enjoy it have no true life in Christ.

    Thanks for stopping by though and we hope that one day you will see the truth of Scripture and the demands Christ places on the life of each and every true believer! It is not as easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy type of path strewn with roses and grande White Chocolate cappuccinos while everybody sings “Kumbaya” and glosses over sin! There are plenty of other websites where you will find what you seem to be looking for.


  11. I agree that MD does not fit the description of the minister as set forth in Titus. My last pastor recommended him, and is now recommending another pastor that I have never heard of, but digging just a little bit into him find that I have some misgivings. The pastor/author is Timothy Keller, and the book that is highly recommended is “The Reason for God”. Does anyone of you have any knowledge of this man and what he preaches and writes? I know that this is off the subject, but…


  12. Truther,

    I have heard of Timothy Keller, if it is the same guy who is the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in Manhattan, NY. If it is, then I highly recommend going to the following links and reading about the direction the church is going towards and embracing contemplative mysticism on a rather fast-track!


    “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.” One particle of poison in a barrel of apples spoils the entire barrel!


  13. It is the same. The article I read written by Keller sounded also like he is leaning towards the social gospel. Thank You Desert Pastor for the link.


  14. I can definitely see again from reading that website that I found that I still can not attend that Church I was at until they get away from Mark Driscoll.

    I would like to suggest here in this comment that you take a look at the new post Chrystal made over at her site Slaughtering of the Sheep about Perry Noble and his hoards of people who have itching ears for Mr. Noble. Absolutely disgusting, and yet not surprising, at what NewSpring did to someone who was critical of a sermon series they were doing.


  15. Centrality – If reading that critique of Driscoll does not rock you, nor the words of John MacArthur about Mark, then I suggest you seek the Lord’s guidance in prayer. Ask him to help you see the error. The things that have come out of his mouth make some secular communities cringe.


  16. I could barley get through that link to Mark Driscoll’s quote. I was on the fence about him, but now I am wholly against his teachings. He hates religion, so do I. But as Christians, we are supposed to fear God, revere Him. My his mouth I can tell Driscoll has none of that. I’m not saying he’s not Christian, but man, I almost felt nauseous reading what he was saying. So offensive.


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