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Far too much of today’s evangelical world has been swept up in the powerful magnetic field of the secular popular culture. Thinking they’re doing God’s work behind enemy lines of the atheistic popular culture, they’ve gradually and inadvertently taken on many more characteristics and attitudes of the enemy than they realize. That’s why, when I drive my car and turn on the radio, it sometimes takes several minutes before I can figure out whether I’m listening to a regular, secular rock song or a Christian rock song. They often sound uncannily the same–the Christian song being a virtual clone of the secular. In turn, the powerful popular culture ridicules evangelicals for their lame imitation of the real thing.

– David Kupelian

3 thoughts on “Quotes (661)

  1. Yes, indeed – as the creature focuses more attention on the creature, to understand how to relate to him and befriend him and “bless” him; he inevitably begins looking more like the creature and cares less about the Creator.

    I saw this happening in a former church. The Lord used Rick Warren (!!) to wake me up and instruct me. Then He led me and my wife to a real church.

    Praise the Lord! He is True and faithful even when we are not! How pitiable we would be if God depended on us!


  2. I read in a book by A.W. Pink called “The Sovereignty of God” about a church where the pastor was talking about God and how HE needed us to believe on Him. During the sermon, the pastor kept saying, “Poor God! Poor God!” Sadly enough, our culture is at that point where they all think they are doing favours for God by anything and everything they do! This seems to be the driving attitude! Rap music, rock music, blues music…you name it and the “Christian” community thinks that they have to copy it to be relevant AND they are doing God great favours by “saving” people through the music or whatever it is at the moment! We should be saying, “Poor foolish Christians! With that kind of attitude there will not be a, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant!’ spoken by the Lord.” Nope, God is not the one to be pitied but the true believers who act more like the world than the Lord!


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