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Gary Gilley Too many Christians, just like their unsaved counterparts, are impressed by appearances rather than structure; are seeking thrills and excitement rather than substance; are more apt to respond to emotional manipulation than a rational discourse. How does a church compete in this rather crowded marketplace? If entertainment has become the standard way of life (as some are suggesting) then how can the churches vie unless they become a bastion of entertainment? But if it gives way to this powerful temptation has not the church been transformed into something other than the church?

– Garry Gilley

4 thoughts on “Quotes (660)

  1. “How does a church compete in this rather crowded marketplace?” The key issue. The answer – “The church DOESN’T compete with the world.” We offer the world something it cannot deliver – the Gospel of the living Lord Jesus Christ. Those churches who think it right to compete with the world, focus on the world, and end up looking like the world – with NOTHING to offer hell-bound sinners.

    If the church is to have any value, it must resist the siren call of the flesh and the world and stay focused on Christ, proclaiming Him to all; trusting God to call those that He has chosen.

    What used to be called “Fellowship of the Woodlands” is now called “Woodlands Church”; still led by Kerry Shook, still very much a worldly place that I refer to as “Cirque du Shook”.


  2. Manfred
    Exactly what I thought. Since when has the churches mandate been to compete with the world. Our mandate is to proclaim the good news of the Gospel to the world. Anything else and the church has become irrelevant


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