MacArthur – America Abandoned by God!

Note – MacArthur preached this message on the National Day of Prayer at Woodmen Valley Chapel, May 2007.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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7 thoughts on “MacArthur – America Abandoned by God!

  1. Nations are not adopted by God, so how can one be abandoned by Him? Proclaiming Christians are mostly apostate – resembling Europeans. Obama the usurper was right in saying this country is not a Christian country – we have abandoned the foundations and are thoroughly post-modern, else he would never have been elected.


  2. Actually, I hope I don’t burst any bubbles but our nation was never based on God…our nation was based on freemasonry! They believe that all roads lead to heaven. Sorry, guys! Hope it doesn’t hurt too much!


  3. DPW,

    Some of the Founders were Christian, some were deists, some were Free Masons – though I doubt Nicholas Cage’s movies have it right :- )

    But I do not think the country was founded as a “Christian nation”, although our form of government was described as fit only for a moral people. We are proving the accuracy of that observation weekly 😦

    My bubble is not burst, for my hope is found in nothing less than Jesus and His righteousness. He is the only Solid Rock around so in His grace I will be found.


  4. I realize that many founders were Masons, a few were Deists; however, I still think the primary foundation was quite Christian. Otherwise, why would every state in the Union originally require those elected to serve as governors and leaders in high public office to be of the Christian faith?

    And although Masons are really confused and accepting of all monotheistic religions, we don’t hear any of the founders quoting from the Koran. Nor were any of them Jewish.


  5. Just heard this message today, what is strange to me is that people will hear this message, and STILL make excuses for their behavior! You can see it in the posts right here! I actually told several of my friends, around the time of this message (without having heard this actual message) the same thing, everyone I told it to looked at me as if I was crazy. It seemed clear to me then, and even clearer now!


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