The Two Trees

(From: Discernment Research Group at Herescope)
Meditation that is not founded upon the Word of God, like a labyrinth, is a maze that ultimately ends up in futility, going nowhere but endless spirals.

Those who have practiced Eastern-style meditation, with its emptying of the mind and/or visualization (imagery), often do so because they desire to acquire peace, or because they are hurting and desire their inner psycho-spiritual needs to be met. Yet they will eventually find that their needs are not met, and they are more empty than ever. Further, this type of meditation opens one’s mind to occult spirituality – even if it is done under the aura of being “Christian.”

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2 thoughts on “The Two Trees

  1. That is so true! I do know a woman who insisted that “Christian” yoga was ok because they quoted Scripture but there were still red flags flying everywhere. I know enough about yoga to know that it’s definitely anti-Christ! Anyway, it’s sad that most Christian women have little to no discernment these days!


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