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Catholics are totally dependent upon priests for their salvation. It is the priest who is said to cause regeneration and justification in baptism (CCC 1992, 1213); absolve mortal sins in the confessional; dispense the body and blood of Jesus in the Eucharist; impart the Holy Spirit in the sacrament of Confirmation; and offer the sacrifice of the Mass for souls suffering in purgatory. It is no wonder why Catholics trust their religion and their priests as mediators to usher them into Heaven.

– Mike Gendron

7 thoughts on “Quotes (651)

  1. Excellent quote and it is so true. This is why you will always find Catholic apologists defending not the gospel or Jesus but rather their institution (i.e. mother Rome). This is also why said apologists will always rebuff the most cogent and Scripturally sound arguments which clearly show that Catholicism is not Christianity. Because in their world (just like the JWs and Mormons), their organization cannot be allowed to fall for if she did, then so too would crumble their faith and sole means to their hoped salvation.


  2. I said to my wife last night when we were watching a film that was about a preist in the RCC that they [catholics] just have it all wrong.

    I mean what a massive stumbling block the RCC is to those who are sincerely seeking after Christ!

    Thankfully His sheep will hear His voice.


  3. I challenge the semantics of the thesis: “Catholics are totally dependent upon priests for their salvation.”

    No one who has studied Catholicism believes that the priest is anything but a mediator, in the search for the divine. The reference to “their salvation” as distinct from any other person’s salvation is archaic thinking, pre-Vatican II. Catholics trust their religion and their priests no more than the traditional Protestant churches have their ministers, to act as mediators to God. The problems of Christian denominations seem the same in the modern world — to find young people willing to work for the community in a religious institution, to speak in the language of their own generation. I was born in the baby boom and never have expected anyone to “usher” me into Heaven.

    The comments left here suggest the everlasting human problem in Christianity in relationship, as people try to figure out who is most holy on earth, in the continuing division amongst Christians, with the ever increasing number of denominations, in a world beset with divorce.

    The description of the Roman Catholic Church by Mike Gendron sounds more like the sermons of Jonathan Edwards read in the present day. The vestments might not have changed much, but he language inside your neighborhood Catholic Church is English.


  4. LOL! Protestant preahers are NOT mediators between man and God! The Bible is clear – Christ alone is able to fill that role.

    Rome teaches that Mary is above the Lord Jesus – “Ask His mother, he will do anything she asks.” Blasphemy from Rome 7 days a week!


  5. Ask any serious Catholic theologian…the R. Church is the repository of the faith. And the priests are the gatekeepers to that faith and dole it out to those in good standing.

    Yes, it’s goofy…but that’s Rome.


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