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Richard Baxter said, “Don’t pretend to love your people if you favor their sins.” Any pastor who says, “We don’t deal with sin here” doesn’t love his people, and it’s questionable whether he loves his God. Anybody who loves God loves what God loves, and what God loves is holiness and God loves His people to be holy, and if you’re indifferent toward their sins, then you don’t love people. If you say . . . as you hear preachers say, “God loves you, God loves you, God loves you,” then you have to immediately say, “And if you don’t turn to receive His Son you’re going to Hell.” If you love God and you love people you say that. And if in the church you say, “God loves you, God loves you so much that He gave His Son,” you’re going to have to also say, “God loves you so much that He wants you to stop that sin, He wants you to abandon that sin or you’re going to be put out of His Church. He’s a man who expresses the true and the pure, not some mushy sentimentalism.

– John MacArthur

3 thoughts on “Quotes (650)

  1. Amen to that! As an evangelist I hear constantly that God is a God of love and would never send anyone at all to hell. These are church going people who never hear the full counsel of God’s Word. They only hear what the typical “pastor” sugar coats and makes palatable for their fickle congregations. I commend John MacArthur and a handful of others who stay true to God’s Word and aim to please God and not men!


  2. That is so true! Most people don’t get it (or don’t want to get it) because they want the mushy sentimentality. They want to be left in their sin and then they say the person telling them about their sin is judging them or is being too harsh! This is also true of the golden calves that most people seem to love to worship instead of the Lord!


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