Interview with Paul Washer on the background of his “Shocking Sermon.”

For those familiar with Paul Washer’s “Shocking Sermon” (featured on DefCon here), you will want to check out the following eleven-minute interview piece in which Paul Washer explains the circumstances preceding his delivery of that sermon to 5,000 youth.

You can watch the interview below, or download the audio by right-clicking here.

5 thoughts on “Interview with Paul Washer on the background of his “Shocking Sermon.”

  1. I previously listened to this on sermon audio. The same thought struck me. Why does he have to explain why he preached this sermon. We only have to look around to see the state of the church to see why. For me Shocking sermon woke me up. I didn’t sleep well for a long time after and I was woken up from a spiritual stupor that I hadn’t known that I was in. A lot of the church has gone back to sleep, but some have cast of the apathetic, lukewarm Christianity we had. I sent it to my Pastor at the time and others I know, either they didn’t listen to it or weren’t impressed by it. As for passion that PW mentions,I too am very passionate about things I truly believe. I often have wrongly approached people and said the wrong thing, then repented. I am still sure My Heavenly Father can use passionate people


  2. Jude – Praise God for your being pricked from this message. I cannot speak for Mr. Washer, but possibly he made this video because he has come under a lot of flak for it from various camps and thus wanted to elucidate why he spoke in such a way.

    Some of the flak of course being fired from the lukewarm church who do not want to be awakened from their slumber. This is only to be expected.

    But also I believe he has received flak from faithful believers who I garner accused him of preaching a works-based salvation. This happens quite often whenever someone preaches repentance and spiritual fruit as evidence to a changed life.

    I am thankful Paul made the video because it shows that he is just a man like all of us. And even though he can appear stone cold, he is not and has a heart of flesh that feels pain just like ours. And that his hard appearance, being totally misunderstood, belies his true intentions and heart for Jesus Christ and the purity of the gospel.

    Here, I can relate as my countenance is quite the same where I grieve and mourn over the days in which we are living rather than frolicking in the foolishness and levity so commonly found in our day.


  3. Bro Washer has mentioned many times his irritation with only being known for his ‘hard’ sermons. In order for a preacher to preach like he did, you have to have a trembling heart that is afraid of abusing the ‘real’ sheep, it takes no special grace to ‘want’ to preach ‘hard’ and if that’s something a preacher seeks to do, then they should leave the ministry!!
    In person Brother Washer is incredibly personable, caring, and funny, I’ve had the priveledge of sitting under his preaching roughly 15+ times (not to mention hours upon hours after the sermons, of listening to him give counsel and answering questions from people) and some of his most powerful have been on family and the love of God.


  4. brother Michael.
    Yes I have the peace that passes understanding and the joy of being one of the redeemed and knowing my Lord and Savior is returning for His church. There is also the sorrow and grieving of seeing the state of the church and the world. Sin running rampant, the forsaking of God by churches and nations, calling good evil and evil good. How desperately we need these faithful men of God to speak the truth


  5. We should always acknowledge our frail, fleshly, human weakness and inability to clearly deliver the message.
    But, we should NEVER apologize for the message itself.
    God help us if we do.


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