Sister Charlotte Keckler and The Black Veil

The testimony of ex-Roman Catholic Sister Charlotte Keckler and her experience as a cloistered nun and her subsequent deliverance from this system.

Part I


Part II


7 thoughts on “Sister Charlotte Keckler and The Black Veil

  1. there are some very disturbing things that go on in the RCC. some quite sickening things in fact.

    how can people actually think that the things she spoke of happening in the convent actually glorify God!?!


  2. For more information on this type of study look into ellenwhiteestate period organization and look for books The Great Controversy and Early Writings.


  3. bornbythesea – Actually, I would highly discourage such a study. Revealing the errors of Rome by leading people to the errors of E.G. White and her false doctrines (which are just as works-based as Rome’s) is not the path we preach here. Rather, it is to Jesus Christ and his imputed righteousness received as a gift according to the mercies of God.


  4. after hearing how many priests he raped kids in the news, many still doubt the evilness of the catholic church? i do believe it, i do believe sis charlotte. I think she was afraid for her family and or the garbage man,. she really had nothign to loose and in fact she did disapeared two years after the tesimony! is just too bad she never said where she came from in that ship, ot the name of the convent or the mother superior ! oh that would have been great. the news cast maybe would have crowed the place. is just a shame.


  5. How is she false brother Michael where is your proof E.G.White is false produce your facts . Are you in allegiance with the scarlet beast?


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