Quotes (649)

Stephen Charnock To imagine, therefore, so small a thing as a bee, a fly, a grain of corn, or an atom of dust, can be made out of nothing, would stupefy any creature who considered it. But how much more is it to behold the heavens, with all the troops of stars; the earth, with all its embroidery; and the sea with all her inhabitants of fish; and man, the noblest creature of all, and all to have risen out of the womb of mere emptiness.

– Stephen Charnock

1628 – 1680

2 thoughts on “Quotes (649)

  1. Steve Farrar has told men that ye must be careful about believing the lie of evolution as it contradicts the clear teaching of God’s Word. He says that if you can’t believe the Genesis creation account, you likely don’t believe the truth about Jesus.


  2. God is so awesome! I like to use that word only on God because NOTHING on this earth is awesome like God. He alone is worthy of all praise! From eternity past to eternity future, He has always been and will always be. That is so mind-boggling! Thanks, Pilgrim, for that reminder of our Creator!


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