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J. D. WatsonRoman Catholicism is the most evil perversion of Christianity Satan could devise. It is pagan, wicked, and deceptive. It is a works-oriented system that perverts the works of Christ in many blasphemous ways (the papacy being one) and was the reason the Protestant Reformation was necessary. How sad it is that many “evangelicals” today are trying to undo it.

– J.D. Watson

4 thoughts on “Quotes (648)

  1. Thank you for continuing to expose the false religion of the Roman Catholic Church. Many of my family members are RC and believe that they have the truth. In reality they are wearing a blindfold over their spiritually blind eyes. At the same time they hold their hands over their ears whenever the sufficiency of Christ is proclaimed.


  2. Whenever a Catholic tells me that faith PLUS our works “get us into heaven”, I ask them how many works does it require?

    I mean, how would I KNOW for a fact if I’ve done enough to merit God’s favor?

    Do I need to do more?

    If I had done enough at age 30, could I have stopped?

    You see, with eternal consequences hanging in the balance here, I would want to make SURE that I’ve produced sufficient works to gain entrance into heaven… to earn God’s favor.

    And so I would need to run myself ragged on the treadmill of work ‘just to make sure.’

    Instead, my Catholic friend, I know that lost in my sin I could NEVER EVER please God. N E V E R

    Instead, I rely on my Savior, Who proclaimed “Tetelestai” – “It is finished”.

    All of it… EVERY sin past, present, and future… they have all been paid for by Jesus. He is the One Who saved me. He is the One Who gets all of the credit (glory).

    For my part… I am humbled… awestruck by His mercy and His grace… and very grateful He saved me.

    NOW I am ready to serve my Lord and Savior with works that are PLEASING to Him… NOT to save myself (or to add to my salvation), but to serve Him out of obedience and gratitude.

    THESE gifts of service are now acceptable and pleasing to God.


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