Not content with lowering the educational bar, one public school was selling grades.

Yet one more reason to support your local home school: a public school in North Carolina was actually selling grades. It reminds me of the Roman Catholic organization who sells indulgences; but I digress.

Here’s a quote from the news article:

“To my mind, it’s the integrity of the educational enterprise that’s at stake here,” said Daniel Wueste, director of the Rutland Institute for Ethics.

I’m sorry to report, Daniel, but you’re a little late. The integrity of government education was lost a long time ago.

3 thoughts on “Not content with lowering the educational bar, one public school was selling grades.

  1. The elders of my church will exercise church discipline on member parents who do not provide a Christian education for their children. Sending a child to a government run school is not cause for such action, but it makes the provision of a Christian education much more difficult. We have a few families who send their children to Christian schools; the vast majority home school. Texas is a GREAT place for home schoolers – very favorable laws, lots of support from churches and home school groups.

    Parents simply need to make wise, Christ-centered decisions with finances so they have the freedom to obey Him is other areas – such as child rearing.


  2. This whole situation is not surprising and they made this comment, “It’s indicative of the fact that our schools don’t have enough money. They can’t get tissues or hand sanitizer or whatever without bribery. And that’s pretty sad.” The schools have plenty of money…the fact is that those in charge are greedy and use it for their own personal gain so the school doesn’t see the money! Each child that goes to school allows the school to receive several thousand dollars! What do they think we are? Stupid? Maybe we should put a big “I” on everyone’s forehead because the school system thinks everyone is an idiot except them! This is absolutely ridiculous and just another way for the school system to try and get homeschooled children into their system!


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