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firm-foundations-creation-to-christMethods and terminology used in evangelism all over the world have so distorted the Gospel that Christians need to be taught afresh the basic fundamentals of God’s saving work in Christ, so their presentation of the Gospel will be according to the Word of God. Even though many people have been saved under present evangelistic methods, many others have not clearly understood the Gospel. The message they heard so emphasized man’s part in conversion that God’s perfect finished work and complete provision for helpless sinners in Christ was not understood and believed. If people’s attention is directed inward to their own doing, even those who are truly saved will often lack assurance of salvation. The question will constantly arise within their hearts, “Was I sincere enough? Did I do it correctly? Did I truly receive Christ? Did I really give my heart to Jesus?”

Trevor Mcllwain

2 thoughts on “Quotes (647)

  1. Whenever one looks to self for salvation or assurance of salvation, he will have doubts. We must look to Christ for salvation and the assurance thereof. He alone saves and keeps His own until the day of judgment. No flesh is of any use!


  2. sidenote: Being involved in the past with the Way of The Master ministry for sometime I do see that as a method.

    And like any method it can [and is] abused.

    Robotically reeling off “so have you ver told a lie? ” *tick
    “have you ever stolen anything” *tick
    “ever looked with lust?” *tick

    There must be a gracious, loving and compassionate message mixed in with it. A “leading” if you may.

    Great quote thanks!


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