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Gary Gilley The most successful arm of the evangelical church in recent years, in terms of growth, money, and prestige, has been the market-driven (seeker-sensitive, new-paradigm, user-friendly) church. Because of this success these churches are being mimicked all over the country, and indeed, the world. But is this church fully dressed? Is she outfitted in the biblically prescribed robes of evangelism, edification, worship, and instruction? Or is she wrapped in rags composed of empty human philosophy stitched together with bits and pieces of truth? If the latter is true, why have so few seemed to notice?

– Garry Gilley

2 thoughts on “Quotes (640)

  1. The man-centered church of Robert Schuller (who spawned these program driven churches) are indeed wrapped in rags or naked. As in the story of the emperor’s new clothes, people who know not the Truth dare say anything that might reveal their ignorance.

    I have no respect for elders who embrace such nonsense and have no explanation for their behavior other than they might not be saved – for anyone indwelt by the Spirit of the living God ought to be able to recognize the chasm separating Truth from pragmatism.


  2. God chose the Jewish people to bring blessings to the rest of the world. Our Bible came through them. The Messiah came through them. God’s Holy Spirit was first poured out on them. They rejected Jesus when He first came to them, but they are still God’s covenant people, just as the Church is today. “Behold, thou shalt call a nation that thou knowest not, and nations that knew not thee shall run unto thee because of the LORD thy God, and for the Holy One of Israel; for he hath glorified thee.” (Isaiah 55:5)

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