Quotes (633)

Robert TraillThe most spiritual attainment of a Christian in the world, the most spiritual, evangelical mourning and repentance that can be done by a Christian, is a mourning over his unbelief; that the Word of the Lord is not more precious to him; that he cannot trust God’s Word naked without props; that he doubts it so often, when darkness comes on; and that he lets go of this great rock, the faithfulness of God.

– Robert Traill

1642 – 1716

2 thoughts on “Quotes (633)

  1. I tend to be skeptical of absolutes and hyperbole, but I can certainly see myself described in this quote. More and more, since we’ve joined our present church, the preaching and life of the church has been used of God to peel back my self assurance and reveal my naked need of Christ daily.

    Praise be unto the Lamb of God, who takes away my sin!


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