Quotes (630)

thomas-watson Learn to apply Scripture. Take every word as spoken to yourselves. When the Word thunders against sin, think thus: “God means my sins.” When it emphasizes any duty, “God intends me in this.” Many put off Scripture for themselves, as if it only concerned those who lived in the time when it was written; but if you intend to profit by the Word, bring it home to yourselves: a medicine will do no good, unless it is applied.

– Thomas Watson

1620 – 1686

2 thoughts on “Quotes (630)

  1. Excellent quote and so true. Powerful medicine against those who would steer us away from the Scriptures by telling us we were not the original audience.


  2. This is so true and a good reminder also to think of ourselves instead of bringing to mind someone else who needs to hear the message! It’s easier to blameshift than to take it to heart and change! Thanks for posting this, Pilgrim!


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