The Pope’s Plans on Organizing Political, Economic, and Religious Activities Worldwide

From Richard Bennett at Berean Beacon.

Dear Friend, The Pope’s latest encyclical can read like an ideological bombshell. However, when we study papal history with its obsession forRatUN global power, it is not so shocking. The Papacy has an agenda for the United Nations, economic institutions, and international finance organizations. The Pope has called for the crafting of a new governmental body above these groups and intends that the new body be equipped with enforcement power on a startling scale. Much more sobering is the detailed body of Roman Catholic social doctrine on which the encyclical is built and which the Papacy is in the process of instituting secularly. These documents need to be analyzed and rejected before nations and peoples unwittingly concede both temporal and religious control to the Vatican. We have outlined the heart of the major tactics found in the body of Roman Catholic social doctrine, which includes the Pope’s latest encyclical. Our article is called, The Pope’s Plans on Organizing Political, Economic, and Religious Activities Worldwide. If you wish to get the article as a Microsoft Word document, just request it and it will be sent to you. We consider this to be one of the more important appraisals we have done.

18 thoughts on “The Pope’s Plans on Organizing Political, Economic, and Religious Activities Worldwide

  1. In Daniel, the last gentile empire is the revived Roman Empire. There is a Climate Treaty in the UN that may be signed by the parties involved by the end of the year. This treaty calls for a global governing body to enforce the redistribution of wealth from the Industrialized nations to the impoverished nations because of our CO2 use. There is a post on on this treaty. Between the Pope and the UN we will surely have a one world government soon to go with the apostate, ecenumical church. I hope to hear the Trumpet soon!


  2. Truther is correct. When the Usurper Obama signs this “treaty” in Dec. it will signal the end of the sovereignty of the USA. We will become subject to the whim of this new world government and whoever is placed as world dictator (read: antichrist). All issues–especially enviromental and economic– will be decided by ungodly men for the purpose they deem necessary regardless of objections. All signatories will be permanent “members” without the option of bowing out of the treaty after it is signed.

    This nation is bent on national suicide and our “leaders” have destroyed the breaks on this train and are accelerating ever faster to the ultimate doom of freedom. I know of only one congressman worth his salt—the one who called Obama a liar. It may have turned things around had the rest of congress stood with him and declared Obama to be the liar he truly is, but, alas the man was hung out to dry.

    The cost of serving the Lord Jesus Christ is likely to go way, way up in the coming days. Read the Word. Seek His face. May we all be found faithful to our King.


  3. Darrel ~

    For this treaty to become true for this nation, I believe it is 2/3’s of the Senate has to vote to ratify it? Do you honestly believe they will? I don’t know what to say to that because you honestly can never tell with members of our Senate anymore (except for those on the left who will support it no matter what or those on the right who definitely will not support it). If the Senate does ratify it, we are definitely headed for trouble by allowing other nations to tell us what to do.

    ~ David


  4. I was bought up as a roman catholic and I have learned a lot more about this false religion. Why would anyone want anything to do with them (beside half the apostate churches) It’s exciting and scary to see all the end time events coming into place. I know I am far too comfortable in my life, and I pray I will be willing to pay the cost that will be required for the Lord. I really don’t think this pope is all that appealing. Maybe someone with more charisma might replace him who people will want to follow. Whatever, our God and Father is still in control and sovereign and nothing will happen until He says it will. They are still only puppets on a short leash for a short time


  5. David,
    If this is truly the rise of the revived Roman empire and this treaty is the vehicle that will catapult the one world government into power, then it is nothing for God to send “strong delusions” so that the Senate will think that this is the right thing to do.

    You are also correct when you state that persecution of the True Church will increase. We are surely seeing many double standards when it comes to things like tolerance.
    Matthew 5:11,12 “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

    If I am persecuted because of righteousness I pray that I will be found worthy of the calling.


  6. David,
    Wish I could say that there is a possibilty that the Senate will not confirm, but they have rubber-stamped all of O’s wishes thus far.
    Not only will we see persecution (physical), but there is likely to be a test of faith in the next few months that will shake the boots of us all. May I suggest that all the Scriptures that relate to the creation of man by the Father through Jesus Christ be cemented in our heads and hearts.

    James 1:5&6; John 5:46&47


  7. It seems clear from Scripture that there will be a world government, a world monetary system, and a world religion under the false prophet and antichrist. We’ve known this will surely take place, and it is indeed troubling to actually see it forming before our very eyes. But I’ve given up getting too hung up on every political instance of the many things that are bringing it all about. What part any political leader does or doesn’t play in the big picture is of less concern to me than what I see happening on the spiritual level. What shocks me the most is not what happens in Wash D.C., or Rome, or the U.N. I’ve expected them to do what they’re going to do for a long time. It’s what is happening in Christendom. When former Bible believing, conservative evangelicals are rushing enthusiastically into the open arms of the likes of Piper, Driscoll, Noble, Bell, Warren, etc., that shocks me!!! When “Christian” pastors brazenly mock the Scriptures, tell vulgar sexual jokes and innuendo, reimage my beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into some cool party dude (complete with tattoos and drinking booze), twist and pervert the Scriptures to allow for the most worldly fleshly behavior, all from the pulpit, and the congregants applaud these impostors, that shocks me!!! When those whom I have previously enjoyed sweet fellowship in Christ now see nothing wrong with these impostors in the pulpits, that grieves me!!! And when I plead with them out of love and show them that God’s word says their leaders are leading them astray, they reject it! While events in Wash. D.C., or the U.N. will surely continue, lets not lose sight of the fact that in the silent shadows the Emerging Church grows bigger and stronger, destroying the foundations of the faith, bringing a false Christ and false gospel to the world.

    Consider this: there are too many “Christians” in the world to be persecuted for being “Christian” (that would do away with all the false “Christians” in the world as well, and that presents a huge problem for the world system). False Christianity will be supported and part of the Great Harlot. Persecution will come against those who do not conform to, or who speak out against, the errors and teachers of false Christianity. Emerging Church leader (and one of it’s early founders) Mark Driscoll has already planted the seeds of such persecution in nearly every one of his books. His vicious attacks on what he calls “fundamentalists” and “religious types” (which include those who hold solidly to the Scriptures, and thus call him to account for his blasphemies, false teachings, abuses of the pulpit, mockeries of God and the Scriptures, etc.) is the driving mentality in his followers that has turned them so vehemently against anyone who would hold him to account by the Scriptures. Thus he has engendered and nurtured a mentality of persecution against those who hold solidly to the Scriptures. And he’s just one. Look for more of this mentality to surface. If you’re concerned about the one-world church and persecution, take a good hard look at the Emerging Church.

    What we can be assured of, is things are drawing to a close. The time of the Lord’s return is drawing nearer and nearer. Let us be busy with what time we have left living lives pleasing to God, obedient to His word, loving with the love of Christ, defending the faith, preaching the Gospel to the lost.


  8. Darrel and Truther ~

    I both agree with you. I just thought I would throw that out there about the Senate. I am praying that they will not ratify this treaty.

    God Bless you both my brothers in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    ~ David


  9. Brethren – There is nothing wrong, nothing wrong at all in keeping an eye on the times, for it is written in the Scriptures where the Lord’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Likewise, the Lord rebuked the Pharisees for being able to discern the signs of the weather but were unable to discern the signs of the times. The same rebuke I’d dare say would be given to most Christians today.

    These issues being discussed are not “political” where one can segregate the political sphere from other aspects of a person’s life. Rather, they encompass every aspect of a person’s life; physical, mental and spiritual, and they will affect every person on planet earth. Here, the issues before us are spiritual in nature and one needs to see them as such. If you look at them as only being physical you are not seeing the whole picture.

    The truth is that everything taking place in our world falls into one of two camps; either those building the kingdom of God, or those seeking to destroy God’s kingdom, people and ways, and establish the kingdom of anti-Christ. The Papacy falling in the latter camp. And this is not important I ask?

    As far as Emergent Christianity, this is Catholicism; Catholicism-lite that is bringing people back into the arms of the Pope, all per the nefarious plans of the counter reformation. Focusing solely on Emergent in isolation as just some new thing again will miss the entire picture of what is really going on.

    Finally, one would do well to study history to find that God’s people throughout history have not been silent to such issues, nor have they covered their eyes and ears to ignore them. I for one will continue to raise my voice and seek to awaken the slumbering church who are ignorant to Rome and are aiding and abetting her in her plans to once again gain temporal power over the world. And if you think this is a good thing, study history when this was true during the dark ages.


  10. Brother Michael, I do agree with you. And I believe we should keep an eye on political events that lead people away from God’s kingdom, and toward the way of antichrist. I do not mean to downplay that. I do know a lot of people, though, who have their eyes so fixated on politics and politicians, as I once did, that they seem oblivious to other dangers perhaps more near. I know plenty who have so merged and melded politics into their core belief system that it seems their Christian duty is to vote Republican, and fight against every Democrat as if he were a worker of Satan. I know people who keep an eye on D.C. and the U.N., and in their minds, if a man hasn’t risen up to rule the whole world, well, then there’s really nothing to worry about yet. They go on business as usual. And they don’t see the steady march toward the one world system in other more subtle ways. I also know those who had freaked out about Y2K (that was feared by some as the big Antichrist takeover in it’s time). My point is, as important as many political events may be, so many are so narrowly focused on politics, every initiative, every new appointee, that they all but ignore spiritual events happening in their own churches and fellowships. I also personally know those who think if they just got the right people in office, they can stop the very formation of the one world system!

    I remember various Popes addressing the U.N. over the years. It’s a slow process, but the Vatican has always been involved in world politics to influence and shape it as she can according to her ideologies.

    Brother Michael, I believe we have the same interest, see the same things. Just addressing different angles of view. I don’t intend to minimize your warning. But since the subject is the one world politico/economic/religious system, and as ideologies drive politics more strongly than individuals, I believe it’s important to incorporate the ideological impact of current spiritual thought in our assessment of how we are marching toward this world system. And I’m sure you would agree as well.

    I believe too many church goers are insufficiently aware of what is happening on the spiritual level. The Emerging Church (as it is currently known) isn’t some church “out there” that people leave their own to go to (though those also exist such as Mars Hill). At it’s core it is a movement, a mindset, that is infiltrating existing churches across the land, at an alarmingly rapid rate. It is no flash in the pan movement, but the beginning of an entirely new concept, the likes of which I have never seen in history. It feeds on Postmodern thought processes, which very quickly dismantles all we have known to be objective Biblical truth, and has replaced it with subjective, mystical self-realized “truth” and feeling. It is eating like a cancer out of control throughout the churches. There is a very real spiritual force driving it, more than any human organization could possibly devise, regulate, guide or control. When we speak of the spirit of Antichrist, I see it very strongly in this movement. And as people change in their ideology, so it affects their belief system, which can become evident in their governmental capacities as politicians.

    For a while I thought, as did many Christians I knew, that one day, all of the sudden, the mark of the beast is issued, and all Christians will then be martyred. I certainly believe the Scriptures say the mark of the beast will be issued one day, without which no man can buy or sell. And, yes, that will be the time of martyrdom. But before that, I believe there will be persecution, as there has been all throughout history for Christians. Yes it has come over time from Catholics, from various governments and regimes, even from Calvinists! But while many are watching politics, waiting to see if we will be persecuted for just “being Christians”, they do not see the movement that has begun against Bible believers coming out of the Emerging Church. A hatred has been spawned and is being nurtured against those who hold solidly to the objective authority, commands and precepts of God’s word. And it’s not coming from any Atheistic government, not from any political body, not from any law of the land. It’s coming from others who call themselves “Christians”. Even “Bible believing Christians”. How can that be? Because the Bible is being re-interpreted according to Postmodern philosophy and Emerging beliefs. This very site is being attacked regularly by these so called “Christians” who with vicious hatred seek to undermine the work of defending the faith once delivered unto the saints, because we dare to expose their false teachers in the pulpits. So while some have their gaze so fixed on D.C. or the U.N., Christendom is already being changed, persecution is already beginning.

    Having said that, I do not believe we should focus entirely on the Emerging Church to the exclusion of other things that are happening to bring about the one world system. Nor do I believe we should focus solely on politics. It is important we walk circumspectly, seeing and understanding what is going on, without tunnel vision in any direction horizontally, but keeping our focus on the clear instruction of God’s word, trusting Him to faithfully care for us as He has promised, remaining steadfast in the objective truth He has given us in His word.

    Brother Michael, I encourage you to continue to raise your voice to awaken the slumbering church to spiritual dangers that exist. May all who name the name of Christ do likewise.


  11. I agree that we need to look at more than any one other religion such as EC or RCC. I was just listening to Crosstalk about a UN resolution that is brought up every year by the Islamic nations that would make it illegal to speak up against other religions, specifically Islam. When I think of the final, apostate “church” I do not neccessarily think it will be just the RCC or Islam. I believe that it will most probably incorporate EC, RCC, and Islam. Each can keep their core beliefs, they just all serve the same god. We hear this all the time.
    Brother Michael, I agree, one is either serving God or Satan. I used to think that if you were sitting on the fence you were okay, just not overly spiritual. I now firmly believe that if you are on that proverbial fence, you are firmly on Satan’s side. If you own property, you can not put your fence right on the property line, it has to be well on your land. The fence is well on Satan’s domain.
    DavidW, I also agree with you about more than politics bringing persecution. As I was memorizing the Sermon on the Mount I really got to thinking about how if we truly model a life based on the beatitudes and other aspects of this sermon, how could anyone possibly not like us. But Jesus says “when you are persecuted…”
    Natural disasters all around the world daily, wars and rumors of wars, one world government, apostate church, famine, disease. “All these things are the beginning of birth pains” (Matthew 24:4-8) and as a father or mother knows, once the birth pains start, they come faster and harder until the glorious event occurs. Amen, come Lord Jesus!


  12. DavidW – Thank you for your kind reply. Actually, we are on the same page. I do not follow politics at all; the Republicans are in the same camp as the Democrats where the Hegelian dialectic is at force making people think they really have a choice when in fact they do not. I don’t look to DC lest it make me sick to my stomach. Also, I can assure you I am in no way into all the dispensational end of the world frenzy which many find themselves in (I subscribe to more of a historical interpretation regarding prophecy).

    My focus is spiritual first and foremost; this is why I focus on the RC religion for it is the driving force behind all ecumenism. Likewise, it is behind the emergent Church because the mysticism which you are saying you have not seen is nothing new for it has existed within Catholicism from its earliest of days. It is really one in the same. This is why Emergent leaders like Rob Bell are praising Roman Catholic heretics and damnable Jesuits like Ignatius of Loyola. He, as well as other Catholics, being the ones Emergent leaders are receiving their Spiritual Exercises and other Catholic practices from. All old lies being re-packaged as Emergent (see for some good insight into this). Also, check out as you will find many profitable writings there that speak to emergent.

    Blessings to you as you fight for the faith once delivered. Blessings also to Truther and thanks for your words as we are in one accord. Hold fast until the end and give no quarter to the enemy!

    bro Michael


  13. Brother Michael,
    I am interested in your comment of “Also, I can assure you I am in no way into all the dispensational end of the world frenzy which many find themselves in (I subscribe to more of a historical interpretation regarding prophecy).” If you do not want to discuss this here, you being a contributer of this site should have my email address. I am just curious about what you mean about the dispensational end of the world frenzy. I will not have access to internet until Monday so I will look for a reply then.


  14. Truther – I will have to get your email address and email you. I’d rather not get off tangent here as it is a personal conviction come after a lot of study, research and observation.


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