How frequently do you read your Bible?

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Here’s a week in the life of a neglected Bible:

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11 thoughts on “How frequently do you read your Bible?

  1. How often have I read Bible passages hoping to see something that I might teach others, while ignoring what its Author wants me to see about myself in those very passages… to my shame. May God forgive me.


  2. I’m pretty much in the “Close to every single day. I sometimes miss a day here or there but it’s rare.” category. When I do miss a day of reading I feel regret… as though I skipped eating for a day (and not like fasting – you Christians know what I mean!)


  3. I’ve been reading some Scripture daily (except for Saturday) for many years – missing days here and there. It’s good for the soul.

    Our church exhorts families to have family worship daily, including Bible reading, singing, prayer. My wife and I have started reading the Bible together in the evening, discussing the text, praying for the people of our church, the government leaders and the “people group” our church has identified for the week. Our kids are grown and gone, but this is already bringing us closer together in our walk with the Lord.


  4. Like many on this sight I have a passion for God’s Holy word and have read it virtually every day for the last 30 years since being saved. I believe it’s not enough to just read it ,but is essential we read it well. Most cults quote scripture ; the Pharisees memorized massive portions of scripture and yet rejected the One the Bible speaks of. I believe it’s necessary to “believe what we read ,not read what we believe”I also think we need to read it on our knees; not as an intellectual exercise but a devotional exercise . Also, many get sidetracked into trivialities instead of focussing on the major themes in the word and lastly we need in humility to remember without the illumination of the Holy Spirit the Bible remains a closed Book.


  5. George Muller is certainly an incredible example of what can happen if we just take God at His Word. His decision to simply take all his needs to the Father and not to men is an inspiration and challenge to God’s people today


  6. glenn christopherson wrote:

    I believe it’s not enough to just read it ,but is essential we read it well.

    Glenn is right. I heard a Pastor once say that we need to do more than “just fly through a chapter-a-day to keep the Devil away… We need to take the time and effort to understand – in context – what we are reading.”

    Good hermeneutics, all done with prayer and supplication.

    Praise God for His Word!

    – Jeff H


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