Rick Warren, Tony Blair & The Vatican Agenda

 Source: Chris Pinto with Adullam Films


Essence of lies, and quintessence of blasphemy, as the religion of Rome is, it nevertheless fascinates a certain order of Protestants, of whom we fear it may be truly said that they have received a strong delusion to believe a lie, that they may be damned. Charles H. Spurgeon, “The Sword and the Trowel,” Jan. 1873

The above quote from Charles Spurgeon (the “Prince of Preachers”) is very pertinent to the time in which we live. Many believers are familiar with Spurgeon but are unaware that one of his mottos was “No peace with Rome.”

For the past two years, Adullam Films has been developing a new documentary titled, “A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible.” Thank the Lord, the first edited draft of the work is complete and should be ready for duplication by next week, once the final touches have been made. Our new film records events from the first century onward, showing the history of the Church, and the long war both for and against the Word of God. We document the trials of the saints, along with Rome’s ancient hatred of the Bible and her repeated attempts to “keep men from the knowledge of the Scriptures.”

When the Bible began to be translated into the languages of the common man, it resulted in the Protestant Reformation. What few modern day Christians are aware of, however, is that Rome launched a Counter Reformation in 1540 with the establishment of the Society of Jesus (also known as the Jesuit Order). Their purpose was to destroy the work of the Reformers and bring the world back into the Dark Ages. It is our belief that the Counter Reformation continues to this day, and is the real secret behind the Ecumenical Movement, the World Council of Churches, the European Union, and the Emerging Church.

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11 thoughts on “Rick Warren, Tony Blair & The Vatican Agenda

  1. I hope I am able to get my hands on a copy of this.

    May our motto also be “No peace with Rome”.

    Sounds harsh I know, but we must not walk hand in hand with Roman Catholic teaching, let alone any other heretical belief system.

    Do you hear me so called ‘pastor’ of our day?


  2. I have said for many years, “We have no communion with Roman Catholics”. Spurgeon’s phrase may be better. accurate.


  3. When we were in England, there was talk of the Roman Catholic church as well as the Anglican church (here it is called the Episcopalian Church, I believe) merging together! They felt they were all on the same page anyway so why not?

    How sad that people can’t see how oppressive the RCC is but just like many others they are wolves in sheep’s clothing! I’m not surprised at this information and I am in total agreement with Spurgeon. Also, it’s no wonder there were many Nonconformists! I think that’s what we are probably considered here since we don’t conform to anyone’s standard except the Bible!


  4. Thomas Cranmer penned a marvellous prayer and phrase in the 1544 Litany, “Good Lord, spare us the gross enormities and blasphemies of Rome.” It was prayed throughout the nation, but was expunged by Elizabeth 1 in 1559. However, that spirit prevailed in the English Reformation.



  5. Looks interesting! I think sometimes we tend to gloss over the fact that ALL false religions are working together. Maybe not in a visible, tangible way, but they are all commanded by the same General in the same big war. If Christ was not Lord of All I would be truly frightened.


  6. Hi Nicholas,
    Not exactly clear on your question and it may be best addressed to Chris Pinto who wrote the article. If I understand your question correctly about the EU, the author (as far as I can see) believes (rightly from my vantage) that the papacy is behind the EU both in its formation and future direction.

    Please check back as I will be posting more information about the papacy and its global aspirations which may help to clarify.

    Blessings –
    bro Michael


  7. As I read articles like this I praise God for His incredible kindness in giving us prophecies and warnings of what the future hold for us. In these end times of the end times, as the world grows closer to the rule of the final gentile kingdom in Daniel (the EU) and the global church grows more and more apostate and unified, instead of fear, I have hope and joy. There is nothing that happens in this world that God is not fully in control of. And while I do defend the truth and contend earnestly for the faith, I know that until the Return of Christ in Glory this world will continue in this downward spiral, back toward the Tower of Babel. This knowledge of the end times as given to us in the Bible is the reason that most EC churches do not want us to study eschatology; for if we know what the future holds, we will not follow their teachings of a man-made utopia.
    Jeremiah 8:8


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