If DefCon had an official video, this would be it!

Brace yourselves. You will receive more biblical, unadulterated, gospel-preaching truth in the next 12 minutes than what comes from most pulpits in America in a year. You will be moved.

You can download the audio version of this video by right-clicking here.

HT: Regenerated Adam

13 thoughts on “If DefCon had an official video, this would be it!

  1. The Pilgrim,

    Thanks so much for posting this! Hard to put into words all that I felt in my heart after hearing that. Puts many things into perspective, and was definitely humbling. The God of heaven did all of that, not for us to live anyway we want in mockery, but so that we might look like Christ in EVERY aspect of our lives during our short sojourn in this world.

    The Desert Pastor


  2. I posted this video on Facebook for all my friends who support the likes of T.D. Jakes or Joel Osteen or Rick Warren to show them what a true Biblical presentation of the Gospel is than what you get from most of today’s westernized wolves in sheep’s clothing Pastors.

    Thank you for sharing this video Pilgrim. It really has got me thinking about myself and how little I actually spend in prayer and in the Word.


  3. You guys should have this at the banner at the top of your blog so that it is always there for everyone to watch. I’ve had this video on my blog as well and it’s interesting to see the reactions from people – some are broken by it, and other get extremely angry by it. A sure sign that what this man is speaking is the full counsel of God.

    Soli Deo Gloria!


  4. The truth is undisputed, this man has God shining through them. The truth doesnt have to apeal to someone to be true, it just is. This stated something simple, but powerful. Whats the point of detail, if its a detailed lie. The truth is obvious. I should have said nothing.


  5. This is a powerful and important message to the seeker-sensitive, self-affirming false gospel promoted in so many “churches”. There is one thing Nate says that I must detract from however and that is the depiction of the Father in connection with the cross. When Isaiah 53 states that “it pleased the Father to bruise Him…” it does not mean that The Father was “smiling as He beat up on the Son, casting the cup of wrath in His face”. Nate, please, you sound like you are describing a sinful child abuser. Yes, the wrath of holy God fell in full crushing weight upon the son of God but His pleasure in the death of the Son of His eternal love was not personal but judicial. As the Judge of the universe, the Father’s holy justice was SATISFIED when Christ took our sins and our punishment.
    If God takes no pleasure even in the death of the wicked (Ezek. 33:11), how much less would He take personal pleasure in the actions of wicked men, moved by Satan, who inflicted pain and agony upon His Holy One, even if they were in one important way fulfilling the will of sovereign God in the working out of His glorious plan of salvation. I believe the Father wept deeply and grieved profoundly in those hours of separation from the Son. Please, do not ever again say He smiled.

    BTW, the little icon that was automatically generated to go next to my name (by WordPress?) is probably appropriate for this one posting as the little guy looks like he is cringing w/ the pain of embaressment but,
    how does one change this picture?
    please email me at
    if you know how.

    Thanks & God bless.


  6. The great Theologian J. Osteen once said, “God did not send me to wait upon the Courts of princesses… I was sent to preach the word of God.” Oops….sorry it was John Knox the Scottish Reformer. Need to take my brain pills.


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