Quotes (626)

Rome never changes. Rome will never admit that she has made mistakes. She burned our English Reformers 300 years ago. She tried hard to stamp out by violence the Protestantism which she could not prevent spreading by arguments. If Rome had only the power, I am not sure that she would not attempt to play the whole game over again.

– J.C. Ryle

1816 – 1900

2 thoughts on “Quotes (626)

  1. Rome spent more than 600 years trying to coerce protestants to recant and repent and submit to the synagogue of Satan on the seven hills of Rome.

    Of course Rome will not change of her own volition. She is spiritually dead – and all who are spiritually dead are unable to effect the change from darkness to light.

    Apart from the Lord bringing convicting power of His gospel, Rome will lie in sin and deception until the end of the age.


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