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Phil JohnsonThe overwhelming majority of today’s evangelical sophisticates would clearly prefer it if no one ever criticized evangelical Golden Calves. Rampant error doesn’t unsettle them in the least. They are quite happy to live with it and even actively make peace with it.

But let someone dare to voice an objection to a troubling doctrine in the latest best-seller making the rounds on campus—even a denial of the Trinity or some other soul-destroying soteriological or Christological novelty—and the very people who profess to hate criticism (and who work so hard to seem agreeable in their dealings with with the unorthodox) will heap the nastiest kinds of vituperation on the soul of the one who has dared to criticize unorthodoxy and thereby threaten the “unity” evangelicals think their timid silence has won them.

– Phil Johnson

6 thoughts on “Quotes (624)

  1. Phil Johnson is so right on this. I don’t know how many times I have been attacked with not so nice comments by people who say they are friends for standing up against Rick Warren or The Shack or Benny Hinn or Joel Osteen.

    They defend these teachers or say those shirts with Christian messages on them tooth and nail while going after me for using a Bible verse that they know goes against their way of thinking.


  2. The golden calf at my previous Church Manfred is Mark Driscoll. To them the man can do no wrong. I see it all the time in their weekly e-mail that they send out.


  3. Very true! It’s amazing the way people are happy as long as you don’t trample their golden calf. Even people within the church who say they want to do what is right have that problem. Watch those that are being discipled and if you step on some pet sin of theirs then they stomp out of church, refuse to return, and some even go so far as to spread lies! Watch their faces go from being warm and open to cold, hard and hateful. How sad because they end up turning aside from the truth!


  4. Call it a counterfeit spirit if you will. Perhaps call it the (other) “Jesus” spirit. One thing is common to them all. They use the same terminology, especially the name “Jesus”, are adept at using lots of verses to deceive the gullible and unlearned, but they display by their behavior, by their teaching, by their fruit, a different Jesus and a different Gospel than what we have in the whole of Scripture. Their followers hold tenaciously to their false teachers because he is giving them exactly what they want: a god and a “Jesus” that requires no repentance, no brokeness, no purity or holiness, no obedience to the whole of God’s word. But the power is not in the leader. It is a spiritual force that has them blinded to the truth. They are as much in need of deliverance as anyone else under the deception of Satan. The fact that they are so viciously resistant to those who appeal to the Scriptures shows which spirit they are really following.

    David, you mentioned Driscoll at your former church, as their Golden Calf. He is a doorman, a bridge, for Conservative Evangelicalism into the Emerging Church. He understands both well enough to deconstruct Conservative Evangelical beliefs, develop loyalty to himself, and lead them all into apostacy. Not by his power or finess, but by the spiritual force that is using him.

    We fight not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces in high places. They are making a great effort now to deceive many. The effective power that we have is not in our logic and reasoning, not in human argument, but in the power of the Word of God and prayer. The mission field is no longer just for those who have never heard of Christ, but also for those at Mars Hill and elsewhere who are being taught a false Christ and false gospel.


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