One who gets it . . . one who doesn’t.

11 thoughts on “One who gets it . . . one who doesn’t.

  1. Yeah, that first guy, what can he know about the doctrines of grace. I mean all that long hair and everything and who is he to judge anybody?? And NOT believe in the use of the sinner’s prayer?? Doesn’t he know that the sinner’s prayer has led more people down the “Roman’s Road” than any other prayer in modern Christianity?

    Now that second guy who was really clean cut, wow, I mean isn’t that really cool that if I pray that two line prayer of my own freewill and my own choosing and you know, kinda sneak up on God and MAKE him Lord of my life that He will turn around and take me places I’ve never dreamed of. WOW! Awesome! Hard to believe that well-dressed guy could make it so easy – I mean thousands must be getting “SAVED” with every single broadcast!!


  2. Doesn’t he know that the sinner’s prayer has led more people down the “Roman’s Road” than any other prayer in modern Christianity?


    Your sarcasm actually has a bit of a sad truth to it. The “Sinner’s prayer” has indeed led many down the Road to Rome (if you know what I mean).

    Then again, so has the guy in the second video.


  3. I still enjoy hearing that Paul Washer quote that says that “Joel Osteen is a/the judgement upon the Church”. I may not have quoted that right so I apologize if I did not, but if I did, it is so very true. Joel is a judgment upon those who would rather listen to the words of false teachers instead of those who hold true to the Bible. In all my watchings of Joel, I have hardly EVER seen him open the Bible. And when he has, he ALWAYS seems to say the verse (or verses) out of context.


  4. David, the quote is: “False teachers are God’s judgment on people who don’t want God, but in the name of religion, plan on getting everything their carnal heart desires. That’s why a Joel Osteen is raised up. Those people who sit under him are not victims of him. He is the judgment of God upon them, because, they want what he wants & it’s not God!!!” Yeah, so you pretty much had it right.


  5. Caleb~

    Thanks for posting that. I knew I was close and yet so far away at the same time. But again Paul Washer is definitely so right about the likes of Osteen and Warren and others.


  6. Osteen does have a way with him. He always looks like he’s smirking up in the pulpit and that really annoys me! Of course, he looks happy because he is milking everyone for all they’re worth. What a sad state of affairs for the church!


  7. Yes, Desert Pastor’s Wife, Osteen is “milking everyone for all they’re worth.” However, it’s moreso spiritually, than financially. I remember hearing Michael Horton once commenting about Joel Osteen, basically saying that probably part of the reason that people are more attracted to him is that he’s not as flamboyant & showy as some of the prosperity preachers (like T.D. Jakes, the Hagins, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn & others), but, he comes off as, as Horton put it “a charming next door neighbor who always has something nice to say.”


  8. Scripture speaks of the voice of Elijah rising again in the last days. Just as Elijah and then John the Baptizer raised up a prophetic voice against the professional preachers of their day so apparently a true prophetic voice (or voices) will expose and silence the preening professional religious hucksters of ours and the remnant will hear and come out and be separated unto The Lord.Let it be so and let it be soon.


  9. I have often told my husband that he is like Elijah because he speaks the truth without pulling any punches! He is not polished but speaks it plainly; although, he does it in love. Sadly, most people don’t want to hear the truth and it causes a lot of problems so that they desire to go somewhere else. I do feel that because people don’t care much for “Elijah” they will do everything they can to either get rid of him or find someone that makes them feel “comfortable”. It is hard to find many of the remnant as there are only a few here or there that are interested in hearing the word of God no matter how hard it is to follow!


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