Will the Mormon church be able to stop NASA’s attack on the moon people?

Mormon MoonWith NASA’s planned bombing of the moon this Friday (see the news article here), I have to ask again (as I did last year when the announcement was first made), Will the Mormon church be able to stop NASA’s planned assault of the moon?

Since Mormon leaders have taught that the moon is populated (along with the sun), I anticipate that the LDS church will vehemently protest this planned attack on the moon. I expect to see the LDS church publicly confront NASA on their disregard for human life and their insensitivity to the inhabitants of the moon.

This NASA experiment has the potential to not only harm the human inhabitants of the moon, but if the moon dwellers are growing any of those spiritual LDS vegetables, those crops and their entire agricultural infrastructure are sure to be decimated as well.

Can the LDS save the moon people and spiritual veggies in time? If they don’t take a stand here and now Kolob may be next!

12 thoughts on “Will the Mormon church be able to stop NASA’s attack on the moon people?

  1. This made me laff out loud in cubeville. I know it’s sad that so many “good people” are deceived by the Mormon cult leaders, but “moon people” and “spiritual LDS vegetables” cracked me up.

    As I work with lawyers much of the time, it’s always good to have a laugh at work – earlier this week the lawyers themselves provided it. “Highly paid professionals” sometimes make really stoopid comments.


  2. One of the many things that Christianity has going for it is that archaeology has shown that the Bible is true.

    You would think that from our trips to the moon and advances in astronomy we would have seen a civilization of people living on the moon???

    Perhaps it is all a conspiracy by the government???


  3. That was pretty funny! Poor people on the moon — I hope they are able to live through this and survive…along with their food! I also hope the Kolobians survive the bombing that’s sure to be next on their world!

    I think the government knows the people that are on the moon and have it out for them! I say! They should be more careful since the people on the moon haven’t harmed them or maybe they are out to get the food on the moon and bring it back to the earth for an exorbitant amount!


  4. I have always wondered how intelligent, well educated, doctors, lawyers, etc. (Mormons) could fall for this ridiculous religion.

    I guess the devil has a way of blinding people to his lies.

    The Mormons ought not worry so much about the Moon and their relatives living there…or the Sun.

    Rather they ought worry about their relatives in the infernal regions and their own chances of going there.


  5. Believing in such absurdities, defending them, and not coming out from amongst them is the end result when membership in one’s church, or more properly stated, organization, is necessary for one’s salvation. The same thing you will encounter with Roman Catholics, JW’s, SDA’s, etc. who must defend their organization at all cost because if it collapses, so too does their salvation.

    It is for this reason that you can present the clearest examples to them of where their organization is in serious doctrinal error, but most simply will not hear you, or acknowledge what you are saying. Because if they did, then this would mean that their “lock” on truth as God’s only way to eternal life might come undone.

    We can only pray for them as all of us were in similar shoes at one point in our lives and were it not for the grace of God we’d still be walking in them. Likewise, we must never stop being Bereans and being willing to listen to others for we too can hold fast to traditions that may in fact be contrary to God’s word.


  6. it never ever surprises me to hear the crazy things these cults believe!

    I spent this morning with a very learned JW……………The hello turned into the discussion on diety of Christ and ended with the statemnet that him and I worship a different Jesus…..

    Cults are all the same!


  7. I heard that they were taking donations of food, water, and blankets to send to the survivors on the moon. Along with some of those old “duck and cover” videos from the A-bomb race years.


  8. The last I heard was they were planning to use rocket powered bicycles. If they make the trip they will instantly be rewarded with there own planet to be the god of.

    I hope my jokes don’t make me seem cold and callous??

    I can see how people can be mislead to believe anything. I have been in a similar situation. But I can’t help but laugh at the belief of people living on the moon and people in that religion not questioning that belief and not questioning the religion in which they are involved.

    They have just been blinded to the truth.


  9. why not get the heavens gate gang with bruce willis to fly to the moon on the space shuttle .throw in the smith brothers as a backup team. the latterday saints with brigham young who easily defeated the new orlean saints last year and they could surely beat the secular humanist and stop them from bringing harm to the moon people. then they could build a giant biosphere to protect their crops from the aliens and start a whole new race of people once they get half the state of utah up there.


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