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We are called to make judgments, to test the spirits and discern truth from error (2 Thess. 3:6; 1 John 4:1). Both Jesus and Paul warned us “Do not be deceived.” How can we heed their warnings if we do not make judgments? Benny Hinn has made numerous false prophecies that are well documented . . . . Joel Osteen has denied the exclusivity of the Gospel on the Larry King Live Show and consistently gives people what they want (psychology) instead of what they need (sound biblical doctrine).

– Mike Gendron

5 thoughts on “Quotes (620)

  1. This is a fantastic quote.

    I am astounded at the lack of discernement by so called Christians today. Primarily when they defend guys like Joel Osteen.

    It sickens me to the core to hear of and hear men who have the title pastor, defending a guy like Joel.

    There is a Spirit of truth and a spirit of error……………..


  2. Voddie Baucham pointed out, in one of his messages from the Sermon on the Mount, that Matthew 7:1 doesn’t mean we don’t judge – though many unredeemed folk think it does. Matthew 7:1 follows Matthew chapter 6, which is full of charges from the Lord to discern or judge between good and evil.

    Regarding Osteen – true story: My wife is an interpreter who sometimes works in local colleges. One day, a philosophy professor was discussing styles of public speaking and referred to Joel Osteen as “pastor Joel Osteen” – in passing, as he remarked about Osteen’s style. A student piped up, “Osteen’s not a pastor!”; to which the prof replied, “Sure he is – it’s his title.” The student said, “No, a pastor proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Osteen doesn’t do that – he’s just a motivational speaker.” My wife is not permitted to participate in the class – just interpret for her client. But she wanted to shout, “AMEN, sister!”


  3. Is this scripture about testing spirits not people?
    I agree that we are supposed to test/prove all things and hold fast to what is good (i.e. be critical) but testing spirits is different to testing people’s words.
    Are we saying that these people are demonically posessed or just in extreme error?
    Just a thought/question.


  4. There are two passages quoted. 2 Thess. 3:6 certainly refers to people: ” Now we command you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you keep away from any brother who is walking in idleness and not in accord with the tradition that you received from us.”

    1 John 4:1 tells us to test the spirits because false prophets are among us – implying very clearly that the two are related. “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. ”

    It is the spirit of the false prophet – his teaching and motives – that need testing. Is his teaching biblical? Is his aim to glorify God?


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